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Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Desk, Just Happy Finds

Decided not to get the desk I mentioned in the last post. Just why to big and would have required lots of help. But all was not lost. Had fun anyway, took my husband along for the adventure. We found a wonderful three tier what not shelf or tea caddy if you prefer. A pair of Italian porcelain wall shelves trimmed in 24k gold. Soooo pretty, I also included a picture of the garden bench and cement garden pot I found the week before. The fence behind has a grape vine growing on it. This may not be a good idea, to close to the house my husband says. Oh, well it can always be ripped out, the vine that is. Not the house. LOL! Also drove an hour away to pick up this cute little wroght iron set.

Check out Vintage Re-Style have some cute ideas.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Colorado and Treasures

Since the last post, it has been very busy. I had a chance to go to Colorado with my husband for business. Had a wonderful time. Visited such places as The Winery at Holy Cross, Rosemount, and Miramont Castle. Also spent some time at Deedas Corner at 133 Union St. Pueblo. Great store, with lots of fun and unusual items. If your in that area stop by!!

I enclosed a slide show on the right of blog of all the pictures I took.

Now onto the treasures of the last two months. Iron bed,brass fireplace screen and fender,mirror, bronze man and woman statues, cement garden statues, china closet, 1980's vintage radio,pair of blue chairs( one pictured) oriental queen Ann chair,and on and on. How do you like all those run on sentences?

Off to pick up an antique railroad conductor's desk. Hope to have that on the site this weekend.

Friday, July 23, 2010

JULY 2010

July 2010 has been a very busy month. Found lots of beautiful pieces, and did a little traveling. My husband had to go on business to New Orleans, so you all know The Big Easy was gonna see me too!!! Had a wonderful time and explored the cemeteries. The beauty of these may seem morbid to some, but I found them to be works of art. I also toured St. Mary's Church and saw a wonderful statue of St. Rita among other breath taking views. Can not wait to go back, one of my favorite places to go.

On to the finds, of course before I went to NOLA, I spent all of my spending money on some great pieces. Limoges lamps, tiger maple Duncan Phye end tables,a Portuguese chest, and a few other things almost broke the bank. But, all will make lovely additions to someones home.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Of Fate and Faith

Sat. May 22, 2010. It started out like every sat. morning yard sailing trip with Connie. But it ended quite differently. We went to this sale and there on the front porch was a picture of the Blessed Mother ?? It didn't matter, I was buying it any way. The frame was broken. An earlier yard saler before us had picked it up, dropped it and had broken the frame. The seller was going to trash it. I came along right afterward and offered to buy it. Luckily the owner had picked up all the little pieces from the frame. We came home after a morning of great finds. Connie left, and my husband and I headed to the hospital to visit his father.

When we got home latter that evening, I glued all the pieces back together again. My husband came in the room and said, Look why don't you trash the frame and buy a really good frame for that picture. I said NO!!! The frame is worth more and quite beautiful. I need to save it as is. I glued and then went to watch TV.

Nothing on, as I was flipping thru the channels I stopped on the Catholic channel EWTN. I never watch this, but there was this movie on about St.Rita.It was interesting, so I watched, as I was I kept looking at my new picture. So I googled St. Rita, guess what she is my picture and not only that but her Feast Day and Death are May 22! Talk about things happening for a reason. She now hangs proudly in my house and she is not for sale. I think I was meant to be her keeper.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sailing, Treasures and Anniverserys

Sailing is always fun when your best friend is beside you. Connie and I did very well. We ran out of money 1 hour into the morning and had to find an ATM machine. So you all know that is a good day sailing. Broke happy and tired. The finds of the day for me were a wonderful hand hooked rug. 10X12 room size, the perfect colors for my library. Now just have to get going on hardwood flooring to go under it. I also found a great pair of antique frames, a pair of large heavy vintage chandeliers to go on E-bay, and my favorite a rather interesting little girl figure with real hair.She reminds me of Betty Davis the actress.

Sunday was spent with the entire family celebrating my in-laws 50th Anniversary. A day of fun, family and a lot of memories.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday Was Better

Ran out this am to find what sales were to be found. Not much! In fact nada, nothing, zippo or what ever you want to call it. It was bad for sailing.

But, yesterday was the day, here is the funny find and story of the weekend. Went to this sale in town. An older couple with all kinds of nice books on antiques, collecting, prices etc. They were selling all these little dust collectors, you know glass, figures, and what nots. All my dealer friend were also there. Every one is looking at the books and the prices on the what nots, and they where not priced cheap let me tell you. And then there are these two antique chairs, and every one is whispering "She wants a $100 a piece for sure" but, no one asks. Except me. " Excuse me, How much for the chairs?" and the lady says $15. So I get out my $30 to pay her., and she says " No honey that is to much money. They re $15 for the pair"

Well you could have blown me over with a hiccup, and all the other dealers were cursing under the breath. Oh, well good finds to be found.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hot,Hotter and Hottest

Great day finding some great finds. It was hot the weather and the finds. Once again on my own sailing and I did not go far from home. I had to be quick because my niece was making her First Holy Communion and we had a 1 hour drive ahead of us. The finds of the day were two beautiful Infants, the coloring on the largest is just great. The next find of the morning a fireplace mirror, and then the next sale a peacock folding fireplace screen. I was very happy with these few items and headed off to the party. It would be great if all sales were this good, but then there would be no fun in the hunt.

Check Out Vintage Re-Style for a really neat outdoor project Lighting

Sunday, April 25, 2010

On My Own Again!

Well, I was left alone to sail by myself this weekend. My partner in sailing was away. But, when she gets around to telling you where she was, you will not feel sorry for me. But, I must admit I did very well. I picked up some really cute things. An old Eastlake chair, needs re caning. An old Victorian potty chair, a really neat wrought iron plant stand, I added a basket to it and now it becomes a catch it all next to the guest bed. I also came across a child's desk, the top lifts up for storage, and at the next sale found the little stool that goes perfectly with it. A few other finds also, but saving all for the sale, that will be held in May now, because of the eight yards of mulch that was just delivered!!! Almost forgot, my favorite find that I am keeping is the hat rack. I found this for $5. Just needed to put it all back together again. After I did, I was in love. And you all know that is a dangerous thing!!!!!!!!!!!