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Monday, August 11, 2008

Trippin The Big Easy

Our first vacation in 22 years with out the children. The last vacation
resulted in the birth of the first. NOLA ( New Orleans Louisiana) as
the locals call it. The Big Easy as the rest of us call it. What a
place to visit.

We stayed one block off of Bourbon Street for
five fun filled days. My husband and I toured every inch of the French
Quarter. We toured the Garden District, the Warehouse District, Downtown
New Orleans, and what is left of the Ninth Ward. It is hard to imagine
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit NOLA 3 years ago this month. The
rebuilding is still underway.

ate in little restaurants on the side streets where the locals eat, and
spent the nights watching the people on Bourbon Street. What a HOOT
that was.
The St. Louis Cathedral was beautiful and the antique
shops filled with wonderful French Antiques. Voodoo and cemeteries
gives NOLA its' mysterious charm, especially at night.

During the day the streets are quiet in
The French Quarter,but the night dances with lights, beer, and beads.
Yes, I got beads, but I earned them honestly! ( I picked them up off
the ground where they fell, when missed by Miss Topless) LOL I really DID!!

On Thursday night our hotel was evacuated at 2 in the morning. The place was on fire. We stood outside in our jammies,
and waited for the Firemen. They arrived 30 min. later and declared the
elevator motor and belt had caught on fire. We were allowed to return
to our rooms an hour and half later.

Sunday we headed home, the
first part of the trip was smooth flying. But with a lay over in
Washington DC. The weather was so bad all flights were cancelled up and
down the East Coast. So we rented a car and drove home. It was alot of fun. But, I am glad to be home.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Silent Woman ( Yea!! Right!!)

What a crazy week. After donating all my out of style clothes to the
Salvation Army, I got new ones. My daughter took me shopping. ( I paid
of course) After new everythings, I now am up to date. At least until next week, when a new fad comes out. Oh, Lucky ME!!

did not attend many sales this week, being naked and all. But I did
manage to talk my husband into stopping at one on the way home from
running an errand. He bought the drill press for me, He says I may need it for a project. Yea!! Right!!
Also the window pane, I'm seeing coffee table, and a wonderful old chair to practice upholstery . Then we found the sign! You know he was going to get it for me! Yea !! Right !!

I am very proud of him for coming along and being a good sport about it all.

Now on to some blogging business.
Michelle ~~~
Thank you so much for the award. It really brightened my day!!!

So I would like to pass it on to these Five Fabs !

Shawn ~~~ Who makes me dream!

Margo ~~~ Who thinks like me!

Linda ~~~ Who is always a friend!

Dena ~~~ Who reminds me of the finer things !

Lee ~~~ Who brightens my days of stories of her little people!