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Monday, March 30, 2009

Here is my story

Here is my story and I'm sticking to it!!! Sat. morning came Connie is
building a wall (that is her story, when she is ready to share) so I am
once again on my own. There is an Estate sale down the road, 8 rooms in
a historic home, same family since it was built in the 1800's. Well you
know I have to go, BUT!!!! I am mad at my husband, we will not go
there. ( U know what I mean). He knows I am mad too!!!

So after getting showered, dressed, and walked ( ME) the dog, He says " How about we go out for breakfast???".
So I throw in, well ok, if we can stop by this Estate sale on the
way.( P.S. I am driving so he really has no choice.) So he agrees (If
wife is not happy, NO ONE else is either)

Well, we stop. Prices are way toooooo high. Nice things BUT!!! I saw an antique vanity, just wanted it so bad FOR Tami's room. (matches her bed!!! how often does that happen? And in perfect condition) The lady wanted $75. I just could not do it. So we left with a beaming smile on husband's face. Nothing bought. Boy, was he WRONG!!

After breakfast
we went home, tackled the yard work, and Sunday I waited to 1/2 hour
before the Estate sale was over. Drove back got the vanity for $25. HA
HA HA, I scored and brought it home. I pulled in the drive way, opened
the back of my car, started to unload the 3 pane mirror, my husband
lets out the dog, I turned, mirror in hand, dog under foot, trip, mirror
goes flying across driveway, and smashes to smithereens, and I broke
every nail on both hands trying to catch the damn thing!!!

God, I had a mirror in the barn that will fill in, and only you know it
is not the real deal. So that is my story, and I am sticking to IT!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

She Made Me Do It!!

It is not my fault, She made me do it! I went to that estate sale that
Connie and I showed up to a week early. And I bought two, not one, but
two boxes of sewing patterns. I can not sew, I do not even pretend to
know how. Bought them anyway I did. You want to know why, because of
Colleen! It is all her fault, and there was a Barbie Doll pattern set
from the 1960's that just sealed the deal for me. You do know that
Barbie is 50 this year, and oh! to still have the perfect body at such
an age!!!!

Well once again I blame Colleen for what I bought! Hope she can help me unload these 1950-1980 patterns!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Find of A Lifetime

For the first time in quite some time, Connie and I got out on a Saturday
morning. We drove up into Delaware County and hit an Estate Sale. This
one was great, no one in line, we were right on time, drove right to
the house! Looked at the ad and realized, the sale is next Saturday. Oh well!

Off we went to Havertown
PA, and hit another sale. Nice things, just nothing we really were
looking for. So home again. Connie went on home and I did some house
chores. Bored, I decided to check out Craigslist, and an Estate Sale right down the road. Call for an appointment. So why not? I am not doing anything that can not wait. So I call, and go right over. Nothing interested
me here either. The lady asked if I was looking for anything special,
and right out of my mouth comes " I collect The Blessed Mother"

that came from, I have no idea. So off into the attic she goes, and
comes down with a large INDOOR church statue of the Blessed Mother! She
is made of chalk, hand painted, and came out of a church in Ireland
that was bombed. She was the only thing that had survived! She was than
brought to the U.S. and sat in the attic all of these years. I will not
tell you what I paid, but, it really was not much.

When the daughter gets back to Ireland after settling her parent's Estate, she said she would E-mail me the name of the church.

I did pick up a few odds and ends, but, after The Blessed mother find, I could not even count them as finds.