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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Blah Day, A Happy Ending

I am tired. Working is hard! I want to be a kept WOMAN!!!!! OK, not really, just a rainy dreay day, and than to come home, to find a sparkle award from Tracie!!! Oh, she really makes the day Sparkle. Thank You Tracie.

I want to send this award on to Linda. She is a true friend, who has taken time to visit with me, leave wonderful comments, and really cares about those around her. Even if they are in cyber space. Thank You Linda.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tea For Two

Saturday Connie took me on a Field trip. We went to visit the mother in law
of one of her co-workers. This lady was nice enough to invite us into
her home. She collects teapots. They are from all over the world, some
antique, some vintage, and some modern. She has over 400 of them. I
never saw so many teapots in one place before. But, not only did she
show them to us, she gave us stories on them. I totally enjoyed it. I
now will look at teapots with a different attitude.

Sunday I
went up to the main line of Philly and went to a Sales By Helen.
I had just
missed Colleen by minutes. Well, I took a wrong turn, I was only off by
two streets, luckily (because being lost in the city is not fun. Been
there, done that before.)I did find just a few items, but I then got
called into work. The painting of the dental office was done. All of us
girls ended up putting in an 8hour day to put the office back together
in time for patients today. So my vacation is now over. It was fun
while it lasted.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Good Girl ~~ Bad Thoughts

So today I was a good girl. A very good girl. The only place I went today was to take a car load of furniture to auction. Then I came home and I cleaned the house. I cleaned the whole house, wood work and all. The whole time thinking of where I could be, and what finds I was missing out on. It was depressing, so I scrubbed harder. Only good thing I don't have to clean like this for awhile. And now the weather man says we are going to have snow and ice. Snow I don't mind, but ice? Guess that means no Sales By Helen tomorrow. Oh well.

Now, I would like to pass an award on to The Fab Five. Linda was kind enough to pass it on to me, so I would like to pass it on to a few of my blogging friends. When I started this blogging, this past September, I had no idea what to expect. I have found lots of friends. Not the kind you know, but the kind you want to go have coffee with or even better a nice glass of really goooooood wine.

Dena ~~~~ Swaddle Cottage

Alicia ~~~~ Time Worn Style

Lee ~~~~ Weber's World

Tracie ~~~~ My Petite Maison

Wanda ~~~~ Snap Dragon Antiques

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hungry People

This morning my husband surprised me, and took me out to breakfest. We went to this place in Chadds Ford called "Hank's Place" It is my husbands favorite haunt and the food is very good, if you don't mind waiting for a table. Well we got there and he says see the sign? I look and yes I had to take a picture. The man was also trying to tell me something I think? Like when you going to the market? I took pity on him, and on the way home we stopped at Sunoco, and I ran in and got him a gallon of milk. Hey , we have eggs and bread! What more could you possibly want???

After I dropped him at home with his milk, I ran down and dropped off some furniture at consignment. When I got home I finished a project with that little wooden library filing cabnet. I lined the drawers with felt. Cut a piece of beadboard to fit the top, and then painted it white to match my kitchen. It now has a home for now ( untill I get tired of it) on top of the fridge, to hold all that paperwork, phone chargers etc. that seem to pile up on every surface.

Why not go to the market now? You ask. Well it is now snowing, and enless there is an estate sale going on, I'm staying home by the fire. We can order out.

I am so excited. Look what Linda sent me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Horses With Buggy Behinds

No food shopping again today. I did head in that direction, but some how the car just went on by the Superfresh, and it did not stop till I reached Lancaster PA. It was a wonderful drive.All the Amish Farms, and the Amish children playing outside their schoolhouses. Funny how that car knew to go directly to my favorite boutique. Did some great clothes shopping. Lots of Anne Taylor and Talbots today. Needed them to, because I just found out my boss is taking all of us girls to Texas to a dental convention the end of April.

On the way home I found the cutest antique shop. And they do not have a web site, so I took pics for all of you to dream over. I know I did not want to leave there. Enjoy.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh, It Is Much Fun Not Working

I can say that today, because it is Monday. Next Monday I will be pulling my hair out at work again. But for now I'm blogging. I went up to Delaware County today to run errends. And had to stop at one of my favorite Goodwills. This is my favorite one, because not only is everything for sale in the store spotless, but the store itself is spotless. Not many around that you can say that about. So here are the finds of the day. An old wicker baby basket, a black wicker newspaper rack with the makers tag, two porcelain lamps with original shades, and a pink McCoy swan planter.Not bad when I was going food shopping. Since that did not happen today, guess I'll try again tomorrow.(On the way there, I know of a thrift store I might have to stop in at.)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Story Time

Well, I figure about now, you all are wondering why I decorate so much. So I thought I would share with you what makes me tick. Well, I'll share a little. I grew up in two states.I spent half of every year in Maine and the other half in PA.Why you ask? My father was a carpenter by trade, he became a teacher at Williamson Trade School the year I was born 1964.All teachers were provided housing on the 200 acre school grounds. A very beautiful place it is too. And we were no different. The students all had to live there also. Now here is the kicker, it is a boys school, no girls allowed. I was it.How wonderful you all are thinking ! 200 boys between the ages of 18 and 20 ! More on that later. My father was on call 24 7. So we spent every weekend, holiday, and when the shool was closed in a camp ground or where ever my Dad had the urge to go. The school was closed for 6 months every year.

So this is where Maine comes in. On a urge to see Maine, we went there on a camping trip. Bought an acre of land on First Roach Pond in Kokad-Jo and stayed for 6 months.My Dad built our camp. We were 40 miles from Greenville Maine (Moosehead Lake area) down a dirt road. And basically it was just us 6 months a year.In the winter too. We would have to pull our sled in with supplies.

By the time I was 3, I had visited every state except Alaska. Do not remember any of it.Now back to the school. I had lots of girlfriends because of where I lived. But me, I was a real tomboy. With that many brothers how could you not be? I rode dirt bikes etc. I had dolls, mostly heads were missing, because I was in a tree fort some where in the woods. And protected like crazy! I could not get away with any thing or Dad would know. My 200 brothers looked after me.

Then along came David. A machinist attending the school. Ohhhhh, not good! I crossed over into the other trade world. Good thing he wasn't one of my brothers! We married a year after he graduated. I was 20 and he 23. We moved from PA to PA 5 times. Then to the Eastren Shore of Maryland. Cambridge area.Then we moved back to PA when he took a job with Scott Paper Company ( now Kimberly Clark )lived in many apartments.
Now we are going to have a baby, and we need a house. Ended up living with my parents, his parents, and any one else who would have us, why we scraped to buy our townhouse in Chester County PA. My dad shook in his boots. A townhouse??? Made by put up quick one abees? YES Dad. We had to, a baby was coming.

Now, we are ready to move in, the house was not done, and Tami was born! And my husband is on strike!! Yes Tami was a strike baby. Back to living with who ever would take us. No money coming in now. Finally 6 months later we move in, can't afford a fridge, washing machine, or any thing else all we have is tied up in the house.

Another baby! David Jr. was born during the layoff period at Scott Paper.By the time we recovered from that and David Jr. was in 7 grade my husbands company was sold. And he was laid off again. Searching for jobs was not easy. But he did it, and by the time Scott called to bring him back he was already setteled in with a new company,went back to school got his bachelors etc.

Our townhouse, we lived in it for 17 years, and it was great for my kids, they had lots of friends, woods to play etc.But we were ready to move on. We sold that townhouse 5 years ago and bought our little horse farm. NO HORSES!! They leave huge piles, that I'm not ready for.We waited a life time for a home to have houseguests,host holidays,and leave only when we wanted.

Our homes were always homes because we were together, but I finally have a place big enough for my finds, my family, and hopefully their families. My world is always changing, but now it is only inside my own walls.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here's To A Week Off

Yesterday started my count down to a week off of work. Well the paying job anyway. While off this week coming up, I plan on taking things to auction and consignment. Have to make room for all the upcoming sales, once the weather gets nice. But for now, I setteled for two estate sales. One yesterday and one today. Did ok at both. Friday's sale netted some linens,a cherub candlestick in brass, 2 silk pillows, and 2 plant stands (for the dental office). Not to bad. Todays catch a sampler dated from 1959 of the Pledge Of Allegiance and a little bookcase or maybe an old radio case. It was painted yellow. So I re-painted it and it goes very nicely next to my daughter's bed. She will use it for her collage books and whatevers.

PS. I traded my daughter's bed for Connie's daughter's bed this past summer.It's a beauty is it not? The only sad thing about it is, it is solid oak and someone painted it white. Such a shame to do that to a piece like that. Sometimes painting furniture is good, but sometimes it must be left alone.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Still At Work

So here it is almost 7:30 pm, and I have been at my dental office since 8 am. Our office will be closed all of next week. It will be painted and updated a little. So as I help move everything to the middle of the rooms, I remembered the give away.

Here is how my co-workers and I picked the winner. We did it the vintage way! I took all 72 comments. Wrote one thru 72 on pieces of scrap paper. In the trashcan(empty LOL), ran around the office and picked a number. Counted down the list of comments and Laura from All About Pretty Won!!

I had fun doing this give away. It was my first one ( yes, I'm a give away virgin LOL), entered a little on the late side, and I did not enter that many myself.But next year, watch out, I will enter everyones. You all will be sick of reading my comments.

Now, I plan on visiting with each of you, who stopped by to visit with me. It will take a little while to visit. But, I will, and hopefully soon. There are soooooo many talented people out there. I want to take the time to learn what you make and admire them.

Thanks, See Ya Soon


Friday, February 8, 2008

The Unexpected

OK, This was not going to happen. Not today, Not tomorrow, Not ever.But it did. I went to a Sales by Helen today,and,well I saw these two matching chairs. Queen Anne I thought. Covered in old slip covers. So I thought, nothing there really, went thru the entire house. Nothing caught my eye. I am getting ready to leave, and someone yells," The cops are here!" Helen is running around telling everyone, to move their cars, etc.etc. Well, I knew I could not move if I wanted too. So, If I got a ticket, I was going too. Turns out the cops were shopping at Helen's sale and from another township, they didn't care where we were parked. Well, why all this was going on, I decided to check out those chairs with the ugly slip covers. Darn it, they were hand embrodered and sighned, one of a kind. I had to buy them. Now, I bought them, they are in the car, and I am driving home! Thinking the whole time. Where the Hell am I going to put them???? Well, The library of course. So, I ended up stripping wall boarder, going to consighnment, and then to auction to make this work. Oh yah, then to Walmart, for curtains to match. So my Space ended up with a whole new look, over two chairs I had to have.

P.S. My son the 18 year old named these chairs, " the banana chairs" we will leave it at that.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

One World One Heart Giveaway

I have joined the " One World One Heart Giveaway" if you would like to win on my blog, please leave a comment. To find out more about this event, please click on the link above, for rules etc. Thanks Dona

My giveaway is the pretty little mirror and brush set.

P.S. If you do not have a blog, please leave your e-mail, I beleive all my vintage friends should be included in this giveaway. Thank You.

Monday, February 4, 2008

A Really Bad Day

I was having one of those terrible, never ending, if it could go wrong day it would, and did. I thought work was never going to be done. I kept looking at the clock, greeting the patients, and answering every dental insurance question possible. Finally, I could go home. I get home and check my E-Mails and guess what? My really bad day went away! There was a e-mail from Linda, awarding The You Make My Day Award ! I tell you what she really made mine today. It could not have come at a better time. Thank You Linda, so very much.

I would like to pass this award on to Dena, she always makes my day too. A very good friend indeed.

I also want to pass it on to my best friend Connie,who with out her, I would not have so many great tales to tell.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Space

I refinished that little book case today. I think it came out pretty nicely. I replaced the back of it with a piece of bead board left over from another project, and than I painted it to match the built- ins in the library. While taking a picture of it, I decided to show you My Space. The library is not the prettiest room in the house. But it is all mine. I keep all my finds here, like my clocks, my books of course, and little things till sale time. I read, watch T.V., and listen to my CDS. Every family member knows, no shoes lying around, you can eat and drink, but clear out your mess before I catch you. And when I need MY Space clear out. I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Rainey Days and Mondays Always Make Me Sad

Rainey days and Mondays always make me sad. Except TODAY! Connie took off today from work and we headed out to a Sales by Helen. The weather was so bad that all the schools here either, had a two hour delay or were cancelled. Well we thought about being safe and not going out, but, what idiots would go sailing on a day like today. OK US!! It took almost an hour to get to Helen's but was it worth it. We were not the only idiots out, but luckily alot stayed home. Did very well indeed. I found a cute little bookcase that needs some work, a wonderful koko clock, some Christmas items, and a few pieces of linen.

Well we thought we were done untill, we found a Goodwill, and nothing there. Now we are done. OK, not quite, on the way home we got detoured because of an accident and found another Goodwill. Hurray!! We did very well at that one. I picked up an old punch bowl trey in sandwitch glass and an old library card file. On the way out the door Connie and I saw this marble top coffee table. I wanted the legs, she wanted the marble, so we bought it. She will share what she is going to do with the marble on her blog. I made candle stick holders out of the legs. Came out pretty nice.