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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Quick Sale

Not much in the sale department going on around here. Friday was spent moving my son home. The condo living was just to expensive, for a nineteen year old. UHMMMMMMMMMMM, I recall saying those very words when he moved out. Oh well, I am glad to have him home. I know this sounds really funny, but both my kids can stay forever if they want. LOL, Let you all know how much I mean that a week from now.

Sat.( between doing a hundred loads of the boy's dirty clothes)PS( Did I say they could stay forever?, I need more bleach for what was the whites.) I went to one sale,Helen was right down the street from me, so I had to go. Not much was left on, but I did get a nice piece of silver, a few books to read while doing the boy's laundry,and a pretty Italian tray.