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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Never Ending Mulch Pile

Oh Friday is here. Yipee!!! Yard sales all day
tomorrow with Connie. So
many we knew we could never hit them all. And then...... My husband
surprises me with a truck, a large truck, a very large truck of

"We are doing this, this weekend?" I ask like a fool. He says,"No, this is what I'm doing this weekend."

Well you just know, he is going to need and want help. But yardsaling will have to wait. Fat Chance. Connie and I left at 7:30 am, did alot of good finding. Then I went home and mulched till the Flyers came on. You know the man does deserve to watch. After all, he mulched all day.( I supervised and helped. I don't think, I'll be able to move tomorrow.) But, the flower beds do look great. Just need the flowers now.

Todays Finds

Hand painted Tea Set
A set of floral rugs
Trim by the yard.
China hand
Microwave(son's apartment)
Art Deco clock Germany

Monday, April 21, 2008

Who Ya Going To Call ?

OK, So here it is Monday night and I just got done work. Connie comes in on Monday nights to relieve
me at work. Our office is open Mondays from 1pm to 8pm. But I start at
8am to answer the phones etc.So it is 5:15pm and I leave work, I was
planning on going to Superfresh on my way home. The traffic was really bad, so I decided to cut thru the little townhouse development behind work and come out right at Superfresh entrance. Well, I did not quite make it to Superfresh, because in front of this little townhouse was an entire set of wrought iron patio furniture in the trash! U-Bie!!

quickly turned around. Went back, my heart beating so fast I thought I
was going to have a heart attack on the spot. No one scarfed this set
up yet? I couldn't believe it! In perfect condition, just needs a little black spray paint here and there, and cushions too! Not a mark on them.

Well, I get two chairs
in my little SUV, but the other pieces don't fit. OK make three trips
you say. Thought of that but by the time I get home unload and come
back someone else may have taken it. So like a mother bear I sit on my
find and think. Who can I call? My husband is out of town. Our truck
keys are in his pocket. So I have a truck at home, but no keys. The son
is at work and so is the daughter. Everyone else lives to far.....

Then it comes to me. Call the accountant from work. He lives down the road. Has a truck. Signs my paycheck. And certainly
knows the value of a dollar. Free he will understand! So Jack the
accountant comes to my rescue and does not even charge me gas money!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's Good To Be Queen

Yesterday and today I held court. Yes, I was Queen! I traveled both
days wide and far across my kingdom. My chariot took me to the best
Estate sales and yard sales thru out the land. The treasures were numerous and should bring lots of gold at auction, consignment and the flea market. Yes, it is good to be Queen! Oh, my people will love the finds that treasure hunting brings. Now, to make sure the King is busy weeding the garden.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saturday Finds ~ Sunday Sales

Even with the DCCC Sale on Sunday, you just know I still had to go out.
It was a wonderful day for driving country roads. I think Connie and I
enjoyed the back roads almost as much as the great finds we found.

tin man I could not buy. The dad was selling it and the little munchkins
started to cry. So not wanting to be the wicked witch of Pocopson, back in the garage it went. But, the dad was nice
enough to let me take a pic. Is it not the cutest? I want one for my

The sale was a success, we sold alot, Thank God, because coming home I had visibility!!
The other drivers were glad of that, let me tell you. It was alot
of fun, but chilly, and very windy. Colleen from Fresh Vintage stopped
by with her little girl, it is always nice to see faces you know.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hump Day Surprizes

Today was spent at the mechanics getting my daughter's car fixed. She
had class, so I volunteered to go to the mechanics. Well, I was there
at 8am. The car went on the lift, the new brakes and caliber were
ordered. The parts came, the parts installed, the car taken down, the
car test drove, the car went on the lift, the new parts came out, new
parts ordered again, the parts came, the parts installed, the car taken
down, the car test driven, the car back on the lift,new parts removed,
new parts ordered, new parts came, parts installed, the car taken down,
the car test driven. The car was finally fixed!!! Seven hours later, I
came home.

Wednesday,Hump Day, Connie and I went to an unexpected Estate sale after work. There we are in our work clothes, me in 4 inch heels, going thru boxes, looking under beds, in cabinets, and every nook and cranny there was. Ohhhh the finds we found.

must so apologize to all my blogging friends, I have looked and read
all your blogs this week, but have not left any comments. With theDCCC
sale on Sunday, I have been going crazy. If any of you are coming on
Sunday, don't forget the pass word. " Driving with no visibility." The
sale starts at 9 am. and is located at Rt 252 and Media Line Rd, Media

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Linens and Things

Treasure hunting is a good thing. Especially when done with your best
friend. However, we both have the same and different tastes. That being
said, I don"t know how many times we each tried to take the other's
finds.Today was funny. Connie would pick up an item, put it in her
pile, and walk away. I would come over pick up her item, and be told
from whom ever was running the sale the item was bought. Then Connie
would go and do the same to me. It got down right funny.

bought so much stuff, that once again I think we were a danger to those
drivers behind us, I really must install semi truck mirrors on my
little SUV!! But, did we have fun. We drove in circles, went up hills,
parked in grass, and did a u-bie on route 1.

At one sale we found wooden VCR tape racks. Spray painted white, they will hold our linens nicely at the up coming sale at DCCC Penn State flea market on April 13.
You all who live local and can come say Hi, might walk away with a little something special. Just mention driving with " NO VISIBILITY" LOL

And make sure you aren't behind me when I arrive or leave the sale. I might not be able to see out of the back windows on that day. LOL