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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Giving Thanks and Spending Money

Sunday, a day of thanks and prayers. A day of families and resting. A day of church and Yard sales???

Well, yes. This morning I headed to St. John Neumans Church in Bryn Maur PA. Every year they have a huge yard sale that benefits the church and school. I did not get there yesterday, so I decided
to check it out today. Today everything was 50% off. I did good. I
spent money and than I attended Mass. So you see, I gave thanks and
Spent money too.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good Things Come in Twos

Today was that kind of a day. Connie and
I headed out bright and early this morning. Off to Delaware County to
an estate sale. The sale was advertised to start at 9. We got there at
8:20 and were still tenth in line. And oh was it chilly!!!!.

By the time the doors opened, every one was an icicle.
The poor family having the sale (their first) WAS TOTALLY OVER WHELMED.
Good thing for us, they were giving it all away. I bought an 37" TV for the
kids to watch in the basement $5. The picture is so good on it, that
the kids got my old TV from the library instead.

I also bought a
pair of china platters, a pair of bone china figures,a pair of tables and a pair of
rugs. I knew I should have bought another TV. Oh yeah, I forgot, how silly of me. I did buy another TV,a small 12" for my son"s room yesterday at a yard sale. Does that count??

So you see, Good Things do come in twos.

PS. I put that brass Chandler together. So keeping it!!! Down came the Crystal one in the hallway, and up went the brass. My goodness my love affairs do not last long. Will be selling that crystal one soon.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Tis The Good Life

So, I am so ready to quit my paying job! Well, not till collage is paid
for. But when your out finding finds like these, and it's only Friday,
and summer hasn't even started yet. It really makes one want just to
keep driving and buying!

I made out pretty well, a can of vintage push pins, 20 pair of them. A brass Chandler,
all parts there, just have to put it back together again. A great art
deco hanging lamp, lots of Occupied Japan pieces, and some nice linens,
and yes we can"t forget the rug. Off to auction with that one. They
sell pretty well over here, I guess because of the old homes being
restored thru out Chester County.

By the way Connie and I will be selling at the DCCC flea market on April 13. More info to come. Would love to see all you local vintage hunters! Stop by if you can to say Hello.

Check out the pics I've added to my website. Still putting it together.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Domains Plus Holidays Equal Joy

Well. I have had a pretty busy day, Before I share the finds of the
day, I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. And this is very
important, there are no calories and I mean NO CALORIES in Easter
candy!!! So enjoy all you want, and call Jenny ( Craig ) on Monday.LOL

Connie and I headed out to only one sale. We did very good. Once
again I drove home with no visibility out the back of my car. There was
not even a nook and forget about any cranny's, not happening. We did have alot of fun. Look at all the finds. My daughter got a new dresser, mahogany, made by the Cavalier
cabinet company, and the mirror I hung above it, purchased 2 summers
ago, and gathering dust in the basement waiting for the perfect place
to hang it. She is such a lucky girl to get such treasures! LOL

Other big news of the day. I just bought my domain., that be me.
Hope it makes it easier to find.

Everyone have a wonderful and safe day tomorrow. Visit long with family, and rejoice. See you all next week.

Monday, March 17, 2008

All Blogs are Beautiful

If you have not stopped by to visit with Michelle. You should. She is giving the Beautiful Blog Award to all who visit. I must agree with her that all blogs are beautiful and amazing.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shamrocks and Leprechauns

A shamrock I have found,

and gold by the pound.

Green the color of the day'

with beer served on a trey.

As leprechauns danced in the round.


Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quilts and Swans

Today was the first day
could come out and play.Well, I must say her dining room is beautiful!
But, I was missing my partner in crime. Not much fun driving around
listening to a machine say "turn right, go 100 miles, turn left.Recalculating
, make a u-turn, destination on right." So, we managed to find 5 sales
today. One estate, one in the newspaper call for appointment, and 3
yard sale moving sales. We did not do to badly.

Every sale had swans! Glass swans, porcelain swans, plastic swans, you name a swan they had it. So I bought one swan. A blue swan planter, filled it with hotel toiletries, and but it in the guest room. That brings me to the quilt I found. My arms are full of swans and whatnots
and I say to the lady," how much for the handmade quilt upstairs in the
box?" She says" Great aunt so and so made it. When my mother gets here,
we will ask her" (Like I'm going to hang around and visit with her all
day? I don't think so.)

Well. Connie found two hand made pillows
(she was able to carry them and her other goodies) she says to the lady"
how much?" Gets the same story. Meanwhile, another couple come around
the hall with my quilt!!! Now the lady is on the phone calling her
mother. WHO did not want the quilt the pillows or anything else. So the
lady says "$5" for the quilt. The other couple says "sold!" Now, I am a
very nice person. I normally try never to act like a rude dealer or be
mean. But damn it that was my quilt. So by the time we got done, I
walked out with my prize. Which now covers my quest bedroom bed. Any
one want to buy it?? Comes with a great free story!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday Wash Out

Sunday's estate sale was a total wash out. The items in the home were
nice. But, the family had taken what they wanted, as they should, and
left everything from TJMax and Marshalls behind. Well I felt like I was
shopping at the mall. The prices were really high too. What you going
to do, but call it a day. All sales can't be good. So I will try again
next week.

painted that little shelf I got at Saturday's sale. It came up pretty
nice, I hung it at my dental office over my computer with items found
here and there. I also included a pic of the chair found in the attic.
I think I might keep this one. Well, for this week anyway. Hope you all
have a wonderful week.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mary Full Of Grace

This morning was beautiful. It started off at a wonderful 50 degrees and continued to warm all the
way to 65. So, after taking the dog for the morning ritual of potty and
eating, I decided to go back to the estate sale. Just to see what was
left. Glad I did, I crawled in to the attic cobby and came out with an old mahogany chair, the leg had popped off, but it was doweled
, so no pic right now, I had to replace one dowel and it is now drying
after gluing. I was able to find another Italian print, this one is one
everyone knows," The Blue Boy". Also in one of the upstairs bedroom
closets, I found an old bake-e-lite vanity mirror, light up! Well this
week, I will be heading to our local lighting store for bulbs. Hope
they still make them. A punch bowl with 12 cups, and an Italian shelf finished out the estate sale. Almost forgot, a box of new candles in taupe, 12 of them for a dollar.

the way home I stopped at a thrift store and found, "Mary". She stands
over 12 inches high, is Italian made. Marked, made of plaster, and her
paint looks really good, just a few, and I mean a few chips.

I headed to the noon moving sale. The heavens opened up, and it poured,
could not see in front of you. Well, I get to the sale at 11, because I
was not going home and back again. Can you believe there was a line of
people waiting in the pouring down rain? I stayed in my car and went to
sleep. At 12 the people opened the garage. Yes, the garage, and they
were selling a few pieces of Bombay furniture! I went home, the nap did
me good. I had better put some nice pillows in my car for the next sale.

That sale happens to be Sunday. Another Estate sale, this time closer to home. Will keep you posted.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Once Again

Once again we are in the middle of a winter storm. Luckily just rain,
but enough of it, to cause flooding. But, I was able to get to an
estate sale this morning before it started.The finds were really good finds
today. The portraits are from Italy, the china from England, and the
linens, who knows, I just liked them. Do not have a clue why I bought
the wedding doll, she just spoke to me. The lamp, I also had to have.
It is horrible when you have such an addiction. Maybe, I need help. I think my family wants me to get help. Oh, well, not today! I did take a car load to auction, that should count for something.

If all goes well, tomorrow,I plan on going to a moving sale at noon. Wish me luck.

Monday, March 3, 2008

You Make My Day Monday

I want to Thank Alicia for the Make My Day Award. Her blog is one of the preetiest ones I have seen. I love how she displays her items. Please stop by and visit with her.

I am passing this award like Alicia did on to everyone who reads my blog also. Because with out all of you, I would not be doing this. So I thank you.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Trash To Treasures My Way

Just a few projects to share.

The brass planter from England now holds quest towels in the powder room. The mirror purchased at last weekends Estate sale was half painted pink and half still had it's orginal white and gold finish. There was nothing else to do but paint the entire thing. Painted in the colors to match my library and then antiqued out in liquid gold.
The sewing machine cabinet has been turned into a laundry hamper.
I love repurposing items. Warms the heart.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Books and Cases

Friday and Saturday turned out to be the Mother Load of all sales. Friday morning I went to a moving sale in Kennett and bought a cabneit,an old sewing machine cabneit, a blue glass fruit bowl, and a rosewood screen. Friday night my daughter and I went to the Unionville Highschool Used Book Fair. I carried out as many books as I could. All total we bought about 35 decorating and antique books. Saturday morning I headed to Broomall to an estate sale. Yee, the house was scrunggy, but under all the trash, I came across a childs bone china tea set from Germany, a childs toy high chair, a punchbowl set, about 9 pieces of porcelian fiqures, and a nice milk glass candle stick holder. A very good weekend indeed. Laundry tomorrow. I'm tired!!!!

PS. The sewing machine cabneit has been scrubbed and a coat of polly applied. The insides were gone, but a large plastic laundry basket fits nicely inside. It now has a new home in my laundry room, holding dirty, smelly socks. Nice not to see laundry coming in from the garage. Always remember, just because it is one thing, it can become something else.