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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just Can't Help It!

I have a disease, it is not life threatening at the moment, but it is getting close!
I just can not seem to pass up anything different and unusual.
My Sister-in-law says it is because I see beauty in what others want
gone. I hope she is right, just hope I can find others who want this
beauty too! Or else my house will be over flowing again.

sales this morning, one did not have anything I felt that I must have.
The other I bought a angle figure, no marks etc. But detailing is incredible. Any ideas?
Also a small crystal lamp, a Radio Flyer Sled, not sure what to do with this yet, I will let you know, they are only selling for $10 on E-Bay. Also snagged some Napco figures, and an Italian Clock, electric and works, But I do not trust it.

The third sale was held at the Kennett Quakers Meeting House, they have this sale 2x's
a year. It is hit or miss. I always end up buying something. I came
home with books a wonderful piece of handwork, a creamer that matches a
set I already own,and a set of prints along with a very old child's
bookcopy written in the 1800"s. The nut cracker is for my husband, the lovable nut, that I would like to crack sometimes.

All in all a good day to buy things I really do not need, just have to feed the addicition some how.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow,Cookies, and Wine

This morning we woke to an early snow. And around here this is really early for snow.
But all was not lost, a crock pot filled with homemade chicken soup, chocolate chip cookies, and a glass of wine is all worth a day of quite watching the snow fall from the sky.

Hope to get to a few sales tomorrow.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bitter Cold Finds

After yesterdays all day rains, a cold front followed on its heals. It
really was only in the 50's today, but the wind made it feel finally like
winter. So after my morning cup of coffee, I looked at the dirty
floors, the piled up laundry, and the inch of dust that covered every
nook and cranny of my house, and decided to go yard sailing instead.

There were only 2 sales this morning, so I would be home in plenty of time to
do that" I can't wait to clean thing." So with my travel cup of coffee, I
headed out. Both sales started at 9am. I was at the first one at 9:15,
and I was it. The poor lady was freezing and not one person had stopped by till
me. Great for me, I picked up a brass chicken, a wonderful old wooden
framed mirror, in excellent shape, a large crystal candy dish, an old
outside "come to dinner now" bell, and two glass globes. I never have
enough of those! A quick $10 and I was in my car headed for the next
sale. Once again no one had ventured to this sale either, so I picked
up "The Twelve Days of Christmas" ornaments and a dozen silver snowflake
chargers and coasters. A great day in all, and I still had coffee left
for the ride home. Oh. Now I have to tackle the household chores.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Spoiled Rotton

I am soooo spoiled. Connie and I went to an Estate Sale today. It is
poring down rain and we drove quite aways to get there. There is a line
outside. OK, nothing weird about that. They have a sign up sheet, OK,
Then they are giving out numbers, and than they call your name, and
then you are allowed into the garage at 9am. The whole process must be
done again at 9:30 when the house opens. And they were only letting 10
people in at a time. OK, I understand organization, after all I run quite a number of business, but, I must say this was pretty sad. So, when I got home I look up this woman's website, no pics, nothing. She needs to go to a few of my friends
sales. Check out her site. Helen does not full around. Her sales start
on time, the door opens, you go in, you buy. End of story.

But today was not a total wash out. I scored at one downsizing sale. A pair of Alexander Backer chalk busts. The girls head had been re-glued on at some time. But I added an old neckless and she looks just fine. Also picked up some USA pottery vases,and a cute little shelf. The oil lamp says Made in The USA of the Americas. I
just that was neat, so I spent the $1 on it.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trash Pickin

Tuesday morning my boss comes strolling into work at 10am. Right behind
him in tow is his little girl. She was suppose to be at school. Well,
they over slept. So he hands me his car keys and says "Can you take her
to school. My car is parked out front in handicap." Guess, I'm taken
the muchkin to school.

Off we go, on the way back from delivering my precious cargo, I cut thru the development behind our office building, and there in the trash is the cutest little mahogany chair. With a hand embroidered
seat. The seat has seen better days. The springs had fallen out and the
horse hair stuffing just fell apart in ones hands. BUT!!!

out a thought in the world I slammed on the breaks jumped out, grabbed
the chair... and I forgot I had the bosses car, not mine. Well he
brought to work today the little Volvo
sedan complete with car seats and toys. Determined and cursing him out
for not bringing his Tahoe today, I squeezed the chair in and returned
to work. I transferred the chair to my car, and quick to his to vacuum
it out. Thanking God the whole time that he had not driven the Porshe
in today. It would have been a shame to get horse hair all over the
inside of that BABY! But hey, I bet the chair would have fit, even if
it's legs had to hang out the window! After all it is a covertable! The car that is. Check out my new blog to see the chair now. Vintage Re-Style by Antekin.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

November Already??

I do not, do not know where October went. I can not find it any where.
I looked high, and I looked low, and somewhere in between it vanished.
But, I guess that is no surprise at all. This entire year has gone so
quickly, and Christmas right around the corner too!

I have been absent from my blogging this entire month. Work has been
pretty crazy, and after spending 10-12 hour days on the computer at
work, I just could not even look at mine when I got home.

So instead I have been working on many projects and preparing for the last sale of this almost gone year. The AGI Holiday Sale is on Dec. 3. Connie and I will be sharing a space, and this year we will be having a vintage Christmas. Will keep you up to

I have enclosed some pics of my favorite finds and projects for the month of October. Please enjoy them.