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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rennigers 9/28/07

Friday morning I chose to go to Rennigers since Colleen, from Fresh Vintage, had rented a space with her sisters. Luckily, before I left home I checked the blog for the address;therefore, noticing that Colleen had been online and posting about the rainy weather and their lack of tent. While rushing out the door, I grabbed the tent I had in my garage and rushed to the sale. After dragging the enormous thing down, and across the field I finally reached their tables. The tent was hung, and the day was quite a success. However, while attending the sale I became hungry. So going over to the food station I came across a delicious looking chicken wrap. With my drink in hand I grabbed the wrap and went to checkout. Upon checking out, the cashier and I weren't agreeing on the prices. For some reason, she was trying to take more money from me than what was owed to her. Drink= $2.50 wrap = $2.00. So why would she try and only give me $11 in change from $20. Well folkes, it is a great idea to wear your glasses because if I had I would have noticed that hot dogs were $2 and the wrap was $6.50. DUH! lol my "Idiot of the Year" award is in the mail.

On a smarter note, my purchases were fantastic:
$5.00 ~ 1 glass lamp shade
$15 ~ 15 crystals
my being an idiot ~ priceless

Happy Dumpster Diving,
Shop til You Drop!

This set took 2 estate sales, 1 year and $100
Bonus: a 1 1/2 carat amethyst gold ring found in a sugar bowl!

Elephant was picked up a an estate sale ~ $10
Lamp was purchased at a yardsale ~ $1 ~ Shade at Rennigers $5

3 X 2 1/2 ~ picked up at Media YardSale Days for $5

Mantle on the Fireplace
An antique, Scandanavian dresser mirror with original paint
$20 at a yardsale with added wooden embellishments that I picked up at another yard sale for a couple of bucks

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Free Bike Today 9/21 & 22/07

Friday started off great! I went to a Sales by Helen in Upper Darby where I picked up a beautiful set of China that completed a set I already owned. On my way home, I found a neighborhood yard sale off the corner of routes 926 & 52. Shortly after stopping, a mahogany end table caught my eye for my daughter's room.

Saturday was extremly rainy and cold all day. Connie and I headed out anyway to see what we could find. However, the day was packed with yardsales and we made out like bandits. Burried deep in a box, I found a antique canope cover that took over an hour to untangle, but the end result was worth it. The piece fits the top of my bed perfectly! Other finds included occupied china pieces, old shutters, and of course, a dog bed for the new puppy. On the way home, I happened to see a 1950s Goodyear Marathon peddle bike for free. I quickly snatched up the item in order to give it to my brother who collects antique peddle bikes. The day was a complete success and only spent 15 bucks! Talk about the bargains!

Happy Dumpster Diving
Shop till you Drop!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Media Days 9/14 & 15/07

By Thursday I was going through major withdrawal; the weekend could not arrive fast enough. Friday morning I dropped my son off at school and headed for Downingtown, PA. There was a wonderful sale held at an old farm house in the middle of know where. I found an old sewing machine bottom that would go perfectly with an old pink piece of marble that I had been saving. I also found hotel silver pieces that happened to have my monogram on them. Great Finds!

Saturday I picked up Connie at 7:30 am and we made a bee line for Media, PA. The entire town was having their annual yard sale. The weather was cold and rainy, but we were on a mission. A mission to help those with junk that needed to be unloaded. I came across an antique bird cage with a floor stand taller than me. It was quite rusty, but a little elbow grease and rustoleum paint was all it needed. The goal is to find a good home for this beautiful French country piece.

Connie and I picked up some small furniture pieces, tinware, linens, and stoneware as well. By the time we were done we could not see out the back of the car. Overall, the trip was quite enjoyable and we already started counting down the days until the next Super Yard Sale Day in Media.

Happy Dumpster Diving
Shop till you drop!


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our Tag Sale 9/8/07

Connie and I held our first annual tag sale in Kennett Square during the Mushroom Festival. It was a huge success! Mostly because, not only did we find lots of buyers for our treasures, but Colleen, from Fresh Vintage, stopped by. Colleen, therefore, became the inspiration for the start of my blog page. She was impressed with our vintage finds and bought one of my greatest finds, an antique pie safe that would become a unique entertainment unit!
Beverly, from Nesting Feathers (Kennett Square), dropped by and walked away with two antique radio cabinets in order to display her wares in her shop. Overall, the day was a success! Connie and I had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people whom had similar interests in furniture as us! Hopefully, we will meet again in our adventures in today's version of "dumpster diving!"

Shop till you drop!

Welcome 9/8/07

Welcome to my first Blog.