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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkeys,Dogs,Hamsters, and Trees

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Of coarse we ate to much, as I am sure the rest of the world did too!! Thanksgiving was spent at my in-laws this year, and the food and laughfter was great.

Every Black Friday I am usually out the door by 5 am with the rest of the shoppers, but this year I decided I had better get the house in order and decorate, and cook my turkey. Also with the sale coming up on Dec 1 , I really do have a lot to do. Everything still needs to be tagged and priced, but that will happen this week after work. If I get 2 extra seconds I might post a few pics so all can have a sneak peek.

Saturday I slept in, right thru the alarm clock. That's what I get for staying up the night before till 3am, cleaning and waiting for kids to stroll thru the door. Never did get to Connie's to go yardsailing either. But being the friend she is, she called to tell me about this really nice dog crate for sale right down the road from me. I WENT!! So glad I did. In the 20 minutes I was gone, the puppy ate a bunch of decorations. So much for a tree this year. I also bought a hamster cage for my daughter's hamster Teeny. She got her the first year of collage and was not allowed to have it. So I got a hamster. Well Teeny now has a beach house and a mansion. This thing has all these little tubes so the hamster can go from one to another. ( what ever happen to using your moms big mixing bowl, or the laundry room sink till the thing died?)

Sunday laundry day, need I say more.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Musical Chairs and Then Some Nov.15 & 16

Friday started off great, I decided not much going on. So why not sleep in. (Does not happen much around here.) Slept in and then started on some household errands . In the afternoon I had to go up to West Chester and get that dreaded Mammogram, however I decided to stop at the Salvation Army. I Hadley ever really find any thing good there. But Friday turned out to be, my habit was going to be fed. A punch bowl, 8 little cocktail glasses, and a really cute baby lamb planter pot. SCORE.

Saturday very cold , there was only one sale going on in the West Chester, Exton area so I decided to head out. I was hoping everyone else stayed at home. No such luck, but I did come across two really nice saloon chairs. The lady I bought them from said she had bought them in Arizona at a antique store. The one was in desperate need of glue. From that sale I stumbled on another one and found a really cute soup tureen. On my way home I stopped by the Quaker Harvest in Kennett Sq. Grandmas attic had a few things. I picked up a Pyrex bowl in the Blue Amish pattern, A pin cushion,and a cute little tin. Then home again. So i figure a few more sales, a few more chairs, and we can all get together and play musical chairs!

Friday, November 16, 2007

What I am Thankful For

What I am Thankful for is my family. I love them all very much and I Thank God for them every day, however the jury is still out on the puppy! ( He ate my carpet, two new bras and two pairs of new high heels!) I often think especially when times are not going so good, why I decided to have children, and got married too. Sometimes things are not so great, when the kids were little and of course we were young when we got married( I was 20) he was (23). We had Tami when I was 23. David Jr. at 25, I didn't have a clue ( even with all my babysitting experience, did I know what was to happen). It has been a road of ups and downs, pain, joy, heartache , surprise, disappointment, accomplishments, achievements, sorrow, and WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING!!!!!!!!!! But most of all pure and simple LOVE.
You know that 24 years of marriage, a supportive husband, two wonderful kids, a puppy, and our families and friends that supports us Through thick and thin, I know what it is to be THANKFUL! Hope you all stop, think, rejoice and know things are not always easy, but that is what life is all about. God only gives us what we can handle, even if we do not realize it at the time.



Monday, November 12, 2007

Some Of My Favorite Finds

A wonderful 1950's box and Floor stand with birdcage
that stands 7'5'' high



Brush, Comb,Mirror set with matching perfume bottles on ebay now
item #110192754681 and check out item # 110192761064

Polish China I do have a setting for 25
Can' beleive it. 2 estate sales and all summer
to aquire.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cold, Crisp, and Lovely Nov.9 &10

Friday morning was cold, crisp, and lovely until I
stood outside in line for 2 hours waiting for Sales By Helen to open. After
about 35 minutes, my vanilla coffee was gone and I had to pee. I couldn't
leave since I was sixth in line out of about 100 people; 9:30 was a long
way off. I had a great time talking to everyone else who,like me, kept
shivering and checking their watches. Finally, Helen opened the door and it was a mad rush to get inside. Everything from the food in the cabinets to the underwear in the drawers was for sale. The house was a small rancher, totally bursting at the
seams with wonderful antiques. I was able to find a nice
selection of things and lost out on quite a few things, even with my
tote bag and sold stickers, I could not move quick enough. Why is it that men
attending with their wives, bored stiff, just stand there in the way?
They do not move and when you ask them they look at you like you are from outer
My pile was getting large, and I knew I was going to have
to write a check, but the finds were waiting but I really had to pee.
You can't use the bathrooms at these sales because everything in there is
for sale too. Finally, I was able to slow down after a quick walk threw, grabbing what I could, in the pile they went, and back for a slow walk threw
each room. Found a few more items, go to check out, and someone had
taken the best of the best from my pile! Well, turns out I didn't have to write
any checks after all. I was bummed put what are you going to do? It was
a case of to many people, a small house and Helen couldn't be everywhere. I found out the next day that it had happened to others too.

Saturday morning was cold, crisp, and lovely. Picked up Connie and
headed for West Chester to an estate sale that we found on Craig's
. Well the lady had some nice things, she was
downsizing,her husband had just recently passed and she was selling. I
found a beautiful little blue china platter with roses. I asked her how
much, $3 she says.( Everything was priced high but you just knew she was
having a hard time with all of this. She also forgot to list the time of her sale. She wanted to start at 9am, and she was frazzeled because people showed up at 7 am. I did not have the heart to tell her they would have done that anyway!). So I bought the platter, but that was all.

Off to Helen's sale, Connie had to work on Friday and could not go with
me, so we had to go back on Saturday since I wanted to see what was left. I picked up
some small crystal plates and headed for home. On the way home we
stopped at an unadvertised sale. The lady was selling QVC left overs. YUCK!!!
Going back to the car we ran into one of the dealers I had stood in
line with on Friday morning. I told him not to bother walking the long
driveway to this sale unless he wanted QVC stuff. He said no way, and then proceeded to tell us about this sale he had just come from. Unadvertised and up in Guthresville, off route 100. He showed us civil war pictures, and lots of old toys
from 1960's that he had just bought; Barbie dolls were in their boxes never opened. Well you know Connie and I wanted to know where this sale was. He said, "No way!" I
said to him, " Oh come on, you already got what you went after and you
know from standing in line with me that I buy china, furniture, and
linens. Come on, spill the beans" He agreed and gave us directions. Off
we went. We made out like bandits. I scored on two old farm chairs, a
piece of gold carnival glass(in it's original box), some crystal and a
ceramic bird to put in my antique bird cage.

We were cold, hungry and had to pee again but I only spent $17 all day and that included two vanilla coffees! Maybe that's why I had to pee all day. No, it couldn't
be the 20 oz. coffees, had to be the cold, crisp,and lovely day!


P.S. I am asking the family for a really nice camara for Christmas,Thats not to much to ask for is it?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Crystal Day Nov. 3, 2007

Today was a wonderful day. The yard saling was sparse, but great finds were to be found. Started out at the usual time and the first sale turned out to be the greatest of the day. I purchased a crystel chandaleir that was the perfect match to the one I already had in my dining room, only $20. What a great find! I bought a carnival glass punch bowl with all the cups at the same sale. I plan on selling it at the Avon Grove Sale on Dec. 1. What a great find for the perfect Holiday Party.

Connie and I also stopped by a new Antique Store, called Wayside Antiques, that is in side of a mushroom house. Turns out the owner is one of my friend's son. Great finds at a wonderful price. Drew DiCarlo Jr, the owner, offered Connie and I a wonderful consignment deal; We are going to think about it. Can't tell you how nice it was to find a young soul on the same page as us.

Sunday I spent all day getting ready for the Avon Grove Sale. I did not realize all the little projects would turn into a all day event. But it is amazing what a little bit of glue and spraypaint can do! I am looking forward to this sale.
I hope others will apreciate my finds and shabby chic approach.

Carnival glass punchbowl

Vanity Set

My favorite find of the day!

Shop till you drop


P.S. Check out my friend Shelly's Vintage clothing and accessaries for sale.