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Monday, October 27, 2008

Wash,Dry, and Fold

There is nothing more dear to one's heart, than their washer and dryer.
What? You laugh, do you? Well, let me explain, there is nothing dear to
one's heart than their washer and dryer, especially when they both
finally die! And you happen to be broke at the moment. Sooooo!! What is one to do?? Well you go yardsaling!! I just happened to be on my way to the Superfresh, when I saw this sign in a driveway." Washer & Dryer 4 Sale Knock on Door" and I did. The couple had just been transferred here with their new washer and dryer in tow. Their new townhouse came with these appliances already, so, they had to sell their six
month old Maytag Set right away. I was there and helped them out with their little problem of twin washers and dryers. Lucky for me they Took the $300 I offered for the pair.

Now on to do laundry!! The family is tired of wearing dirty undies!! Do not know why?? Mine were clean. LOL

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Do You Get ???

What do you get when you tear apart an old hassock, a chair frame, and a old Pennsylvania House end table?

Well, you get an old chair with a hassock/side table.

was very hard too! Let me tell you. But, for my first try, I think it
came out pretty good. NOT Something I would sell at this moment, but, a
pretty good learning project. Can't wait to try this recovering project

Connie and I went sailing on Sat, morning, our first time
together in over a month. We had lots of fun, and I was good, very
good. The only thing I bought was a mirror to hang over my husband's
big screen. I wanted to draw the eye up and away from that TV!!

barn sale Connie and I held at my house today, I think it went well. We
got rid of the yard sale Stuff, well any way that's what we called it.

from Vintage Home and her husband stopped by. I was very happy to meet
them. Not, because they bought almost everything I was selling, but,
she started out just like Connie and I. I am going to visit her in a
couple of weeks. I can not wait to see what magic her husband did on my

Almost forgot Colleen from Fresh Vintage had rented a spot over Vintage Home during the summer. What a small world!@!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

And The Winner Is????

Yes, I can be a little slow sometimes, and this seems to be the time to be so. I have picked a winner for the Sept. give away. The winner will receive the 2008 Fall/Winter issue of French Country Decorating. Second printing. I just love the looks in this book. Hope you do to Michelle.

This weekend once again was spent cleaning up the remenents of rebuilding and filling a dumpster with all the remains. The trashmen come tomorrow to remove the dumpster, and the whole house feels like it has had a major lift. I know it is happy to be able to breathe again.

Next Sunday is the barn sale, Connie will be bringing her stuff over during the week to get ready for the sale. Hopefully we will be all set up and ready to go. so that Sunday morning all we will need is our coffee and tea.

I did pick up some neat treasures this past Sat. A few chalk pieces, some necklaces, a dog kennell for the dog, who ate my decorative pillows, a pair of French crystal candelsticks, and a ladder for my husband. Hope you all had a great weekend.