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Sunday, April 25, 2010

On My Own Again!

Well, I was left alone to sail by myself this weekend. My partner in sailing was away. But, when she gets around to telling you where she was, you will not feel sorry for me. But, I must admit I did very well. I picked up some really cute things. An old Eastlake chair, needs re caning. An old Victorian potty chair, a really neat wrought iron plant stand, I added a basket to it and now it becomes a catch it all next to the guest bed. I also came across a child's desk, the top lifts up for storage, and at the next sale found the little stool that goes perfectly with it. A few other finds also, but saving all for the sale, that will be held in May now, because of the eight yards of mulch that was just delivered!!! Almost forgot, my favorite find that I am keeping is the hat rack. I found this for $5. Just needed to put it all back together again. After I did, I was in love. And you all know that is a dangerous thing!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

On The Road Again !

Serious, serious, serious sailing was done again by the two must haves. Who do you ask? Connie and I are back at it. Had to do some serious shopping and found some really good things. At least they are to us. I found some antique Victorian corner brackets, and after combing them together they became the perfect hanger for the antique brass chandelier also found at a different sale.I have decided not to add the crystals to the chandelier. The mirror and table I picked up on my last by my self sailing adventure.The wrought iron set picked up last weekend for $2. Just had to re-paint it. Have some really neat ideas coming up on Vintage Re-Style By Antekin. So please check back.