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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sell, Sell, Sell, BUY!!!!!!!

So you all know Connie and I had a sale at the DDDC Flea Market this
past Sunday. I did very well indeed , the only things I brought home
were a mirror, picture, and 5 vintage hats. Everything else sold.
YEA!!!! My husband is sending out THANK YOU NOTES as we speak!!!

But, OK, I had to buy something and it is a wrought iron flower pot stand. In it's original green paint. Well you know I just had to have it. I bent the arms straight up. Added a china butter pat, a candle in French vanilla, and than an old antique outside alabaster lamp shade. Ah, nice candle lite .

Just to let you know, I have been tagged by a dear blogging friend, and I have to share seven things about me, Stay tuned! This could be very INTRESTING!! LOL

And I will be tagging seven people. Get REady!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The New Library


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The library has gone under a major re- haul once again.
I have sold everything that was purchased and stored in the library for future sales. The basement and every nook and cranny that held flea market, auction, and internet items to sell have been emptied. Now one last place to unload. That will be the loft in the barn. Full of goodies it is. Connie and I will be having a Barn Sale in October and than the Sale in Dec. That will be the end for 2008!!!

Next years items will be specially purchased and sold at special venues. There will be a very special collection of items offered in 2009. Keep an eye out.

Also do not forget that the end of the month is around the corner, leave a comment or e-mail for a special give away.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Re-Wired and Crystal and Brass At That

I started to take those crystal lamps apart and walla they are solid
brass and crystal. Never would have known that. They were so black, I
thought , huh, nothing worth saving but the glass do-dats.

I am so happy when I am wrong. Tomato
juice, ketchup, etc. cleans brass with a nice out come. I like my items
to sparkle, but only the glass, everything else, I want clean, but I
want age and use to still be present. So try tomato acid, works great. ( Tomato acid, kethcup, tomato juice, soup, etc. Soak pieces in a zip lock bag. Ah, nice!!!)

Now, all that crystal has a new home in my guest room. Not sure I am happy with that shade on the large lamp. Any thoughts???

P.S. Do not forget to leave a comment or e-mail. I have a really nice give away at the end of Sept.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Romance and Bathrooms

We strolled the beach, him and his rock hard abs, me and my...............

Sorry, that was last week. This week we strolled the "isles" of our favorite home improvment store for paint. The barn is in need,and there in the clearence section of wall paper, I found one lonely roll of this really cute wall boarder. Just perfect to finish off the powder room. It was lacking that little detail.

I also did manage to get to an Estate sale. I never saw so much costume jewerly, it was fun going thru it all. I picked a few pieces. You know the weird stuff, and a few old lamps in desperate need of new wiring.

The auction house was also glad to see me, as I dropped off enough furniture to furnish an entire house. My library and my entire house are breathing a sigh of Thanks as with most of the treasures purchased this year has now moved on to new homes. ( Or was that my husband breathing that sigh??)
Oh well, time to start on next years inventory.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Thought I dropped off the end of the Earth ? Well, I did not. I have been busy this past month. Just like alot of you, I am sure. Last minute vacations, getaways, school shopping, Doctors, and so on......

Well, Yes, I have had some of that too... But, I quit smoking Aug. 1, 2008 ( that was very hard.) My daughter turned 21 ! My husband and I took her to her first bar outing. ( Yah, RIGHT !!!) The work we planned for the house this year is almost done. We watched both Dem. and Rep. Conventions. How about that Sarah???

And I did alot of thinking about my Antekin. I have decided to close the web store. ( Kinda of). I will be offering for sale one maybe three, high quality items dear to my heart every month instead. I have thought this thru, and decided, that a special, very special item would spark a must have, than an offering of many, seen that before items.
So, keep an eye out and let me know if you are intrested.

I also am excited to share with you, I'm PUBLISHED!!!!!

Well, kinda of. I sent a pic of that chair I re-did to Country Living, and they published it. With the pic and half of my letter missing! But, I do not care. I"m PUBLISHED in the 2008 Oct. Issue!!!!

Some day, you can all say, " I knew her when!!""" HA HA HA LOL!!!!

To celebrate my one year anniversary to blogging, I will be giving away a small token, To THANK YOU ALL!!! for visiting with me. Stay tuned!!