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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Empty Nester?? Not Sure??

OK, this has been a really strange week for us here at home. My 18 yr. old ( My baby ) decided it was time for him to spread his wings and fly. So he did. He got a condo with a buddy of his and moved out. So, my daughter (21 and still at home going to collage) and I turned his bedroom into a sitting room for her. That was fun, we just need some really cool art work and new curtains now. But here is the strange thing, I keep finding doll furniture at every sale I go too. BUT that's not all, I buy them. So do you think my inner me is trying to say something!!! GOD, I HOPE NOT!!!

PS Retromodgirl and Alicia I can not get into your blogs, they load and then freeze my computor both here and at work. So please do not think I'm not reading, I just can not seem to get in.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

" Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is ?"

It's a holiday weekend! That means 3 long days off from work!!!

hope you all enjoy it and take some time out to relax. Of course I
started off my weekend with just a few yard sales this morning. I
collect clocks, as some of you have seen my clock tower in the library.
Well funny thing today I picked up several at yard sales. OK, I
went a little clock crazy, as my husband would say. I am keeping them
all but Marilyn. She goes in my daughter's bathroom. I think, that they think I'm a little COO-Coo. That's ok. There is only one me, (as my husband would say). He also says the world could not handle another me.He might be right. LOL.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Re-Wired Lesson 2

The hardest part of this project, like I said was getting the lamp
apart. Especially if it has a lot of pieces like this one did. Now, the
time has to come, to put it back together again.

You want to
start with the bottom of the lamp, make sure to thread the bolt onto
the wire first. This is very important, because this is what holds your
lamp all together. Next thread the wire through the base, then thru all the other parts in the order in which they came apart.

Screw where needed as you go. Most of the time there is only a bolt at the base, and than one at the top of your lamp.

you are done threading the pieces together, you will then strip 1/4
inch of the rubber coating off the end of each wire.( This is where you
would use your wire stripping tool) Twist the ends with your fingers to
gather all the little copper threads into one nice piece.

Your socket will have two small screws on it. Loosen
the screws, and wrap the copper wire around one screw, tighten into
place. Do the same with the other one. Once you have made these connections, place your socket back into your lamp. Add a light bulb. Plug in and turn on. If it puffs, then a connection is not right, and you most do it all again. Do not be disappointed if this happens to you. I have had more puffs than you can imagine. But, I kept going till I got it right.

Once you can re-wire a basic lamp, chandeliers are easy.
I hope this was easy to follow, please if you have any questions email me. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Re-Wired Lesson 1

Re-wiring a lamp can be scary. Here's the reason why. Not because the
only thing that makes it work is the wire, plug, and socket. But, the
fact that it must come apart and go back together the same way. Once
you get over the fear of taking the thing apart, the easy part is the
new wire.

Look at your lamp. Sometimes it only needs a new
plug. These are the easy fixes. You can buy a snap on plug for a few
dollars at Walmart. Very easy to install. You cut the old plug off. Open the new plug, insert the wire and close. Plug in and you can see again.

the cord on your lamp is scary looking, than you will want to replace
the entire cord. This too is an easy fix. The hard part getting the lamp
apart. I always cut the cord right off at the base. Now, I can work on
taking the lamp apart.

I lay my lamp on a towel on the dining room table. All lamps come apart. You just have to figure out how yours
does. Lay your parts out in the order in which they go on the table.
This will make it easier when you go to put it back together.

may also want to replace the socket. The socket is what holds the light
bulb. Most of the time this is fine. But, when in doubt replace.

Now, you will know what parts to buy. Most parts can be bought at Walmart
for a few dollars. It is a good idea to buy a small electric kit, with
all the tools you will need in one easy place. The kit cost $10 at Walmart.But does not include the cord, or the socket.

This is also a good time to wash your lamp. Just remember to put it back in order in which it goes when you are done.

Get your supplies together and see you tomorrow. Remember I said I would go slow. Any questions, please ask.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Monday night at the dental office. Connie comes in and says " Are you
going any where but home right now?" Well, the only place I was going
after work was to get coffee, we are out, so my husband says, Ivory
soap, the kids bathroom has none, so the daughter says, and razor
blades, before my son cuts his head off, so he says. No not going any
where but home. Why?

There is a Monday night yard sale right
down the road. That's why I'm late coming in tonight. I just had to
stop, Connie says. You know now that I am going right there!!!

I bought some doll furniture,a brass zodiac
lamp, an old sewing machine and table. Now, I am home, plug the lamp in
after taking the pics to show you all, and puff, the thing blows the
light bulb, and smokes in my face. REWIRE time.

That got me
thinking about all you out there that never re-wired a lamp. I'm going
to show you how. Don't worry, I'll go slow. So tonight's homework. Find
a lamp that you want to re-wire and tune in Wed.nite. I have to work late tomorrow nite. So Wed. night we hold class. DO NOT GET the glass chandelier out yet. Let's start with a basic lamp.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Fleas at Market

This morning was beautiful. Connie and I arrived at the DCCC Flea
Market right as the gates opened 7:30am. WE were off, pulled in started
unloading and setting up. People every where. Thought this thing did
not start to 9am. Oh, how could I forget! The dealers! They like to buy
your stuff, re-price and place on their tables. I have this rule no
lowering my prices before the real public come. I don't like being hit
with people who buy and resell at the same place. I do not think it's
nice. You want to buy it, then please put it in your car for the next
sale that you will be having.

I like to buy things that I love,
and than pass them on to someone who will love them too. I know that
may sound silly or even stupid. You may be saying to yourself, " Dona
you are a dealer" Well, maybe so, in the world of antique buyers and
sellers. But, you must remember, I live in my own world. I am a finder
of wonderful finds to share with other lookers and seekers of wonderful
finds. So please do not call me a dealer.

I love the things that I buy so for that reason I share them with others.


The pis are yesterday's finds of the day. Somehow I deleated the pics of the sale today. Someday, I will get the hang of uploading,downloading, and deleating.

My husband brought it to my attention, that I should be pleased the dealers hit on us hard this morning, he says it is confirmation that Connie and I have a eye for quality and that we should take it as compliments that they want to buy our finds. I never looked at it that way before. I think he is right. You know that man amazes me sometimes. Now you all know why I love him, he keeps me grounded.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Buying To Sell, Buying To Keep

Today was a very good day. Connie and I left bright and early this morning. Connie bought an Old Blue Eyes CD ( Franck Sinatra) at a yard sale today, and we played it while we sailed the morning away. There were so many yard sales, that we really did not leave West Chester area at all. We bought so much stuff that there was not a place to put anymore in the car. Connie had boxes on her lap, boxes at her feet,and boxes at her side. Poor thing. And the back of my car was so full, that we were afraid to put the windows down for fear that things would fall out.

I am only showing you the things I decided to keep today. All the other stuff will be in tomorrows pics from the flea market. If you can stop buy!! Meant stop by. TYPO!!!

Todays Keepers

Eastlake Chair = new project to tackle

Fireplace screen = saw in Frontgate decorating magazine for a price I would never pay

Japenese Maple = Yes, we made it fit in the car with everything else

Brass pot = The maple has a home for now

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 18, 2008 DCCC Flea Market

Once again I will have a booth at the DCCC Flea Market this Sunday. For all you local vintage hunters out there. Please stop buy. Oh, sorry typo, I meant stop by. I would love to visit with you. Also mention "typo" and you will walk away with a nice little token. Hope to see ya there!!


The Flea Market is located at Media Line RD and Rt.252 the Delaware County Community Collage Media PA campus. Signs are everywhere. It starts at 9am.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lady Wave Petunia

This weekend looked to be a complete wash out. It rained and was dreary
from the start of Friday morning. So like a good girl that I am, I
stayed in and cleaned. Well, not exactly all day did I clean. I still managed to take a truck load of furniture to auction. Hope it all sells for lots and lots.

Today did not look any better. But I had promised my daughter that I would tin foil highlite her hair today. The nearest beauty supply store near us is in Exton.
So off I headed. Well, you know I just had to stop at every yard sale
between here and there. Hey, GAS is expensive, So why not kill two
birds with one stone. Have fun and run errands. Finding was not that great. I picked up a pretty dancing lady, a tall table lamp, and two bone china boots.

On the way home I decided to stop at Walmart and pick up some steam cleaning solution to steam clean the rugs.( YES, I AM A Good Girl) LOL!!!
And ended up buying 22 flats of wave petunias in pink. I know I could
have gotten them cheaper in Lancaster.BUT, the cost of GAS, how much
was I going to save. So 22 flats of flowers later I am wishing you all,
A Happy Mother's Day. This mom is pooped.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tooth "N" Boots

There was no, not one, nada sailing for me this weekend. Instead I was flying.Wednesday my dental office flew to San Antonio TX for the TDA
Conference.The conference was nice, we all took courses during the day,
and than at night we hit every bar on the River Walk. We danced the
nights away at Polyesters, Coyote Ugly, and of course we had to go to
Dicks. The waiters are really not nice there on purpose. That was funny for about 15 minutes. Chris our dentist, took us to this wonderful restaurant
on our first night there at the La Mansion Del Rio. And I must say the
man has class, the hotel was not shabby either, we stayed at The Hotel Contessa
on the River Walk. I also can say, I have seen The Alamo, that was
pretty in a sad way, and really makes you remember what our people have
done to preserve their freedom. I also stopped in to St.Joesph's Church, what a beautiful church it is. We arrived home late Saturday night, I am resting today. Those girls wear a person out.