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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rained Out Sat. Oct 27,2007

Connie and I got rained out today. I know that sales were going on, but after being so sick last week, the last thing I needed was to go out and get soaked to the bone. I’m really bummed over it too. But what are you going to do? I have to go to work on Monday! So, instead of sale-ing, we went to our favorite clothes store. WE call it the Boutique. Anne Taylor, Talbot’s, and Nine West to name a few of our favorite brands. Always make out good there, someday we may share the name of this boutique, and maybe we won’t. We really do not want others at work to know where we shop. They think we spend our entire paycheck on clothes and jewelry and we like it that way!!!!!!

I wished I could have sent some of this rain to my new friends on the West Coast, but I don't have that kind of clout with the man upstairs. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Do any of you think that there is some way us bloggers could help out with the fire victims in California? Please let me know if you all have any ideas!!!!!

May God Bless You All


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sailing with the Husband 10/20/07

Ok, Today was great. Unfortunally, Connie could not join me; something about landscaping her front yard. Excuse me but isn't that what Sundays are for? However, I understand, really, when husbands are in the mode you have to do it.(HaHAHA). Anyway, I talked my husband into going with me today on a saling adventure. What fun..... after we established the rules: 1. We stop and the coffee and danish get left in the car. 2. Yes, we get out at those sales we can not do a drive by, and go in the garage, house etc. 3. We do not ask " Where is that going?" Or " Do we really need that?" He actually did well, I think he was amazed at what we found. We needed a new lock and door knob for the garage door; he found one in the box new for $5. He was a happy camper. I was even more so because I collect the ladie head vases, and I found 7 of them at one sale for $5 a piece. I was also able to pick up an old high chair(Colleen?) ,and a couple of old cross stich samplers. Todays total = $45. Not Bad. I was so glad to get out, it was amazing, as sick as I was all last week with bronchitus I really needed today. It does not take much to make one happy.

lady head vases

lamp from last week sale and lady head vase

Just because I liked it. It is a little morbid. But tiss the season.

Finally hung my winter curtains....why? clue since it is 80 degrees!


Monday, October 15, 2007

Free Sailing 10/13/07

This weekend consisted of a typical day of yardsaling. Connie and I headed out at our usual time and we were on our way. My husband tipped us off on a free moving sale that one of his buddies was holding. The sale had loads of stuff that added to our collection of junk quite nicely. Another sale that caught our eye was held by mutual friends of Connie and I. The sale started at 12pm, but were allowed in a 11! After a successful day of sales, I returned home to celebrate my 23rd wedding anniversary with my husband and family.

lamps and bed tray are from a yardsale while the rest was all free!

The mantle was free, while the handpainted screen was only $2 at a yardsale

The mirror was purchased at a alley sale. The two pictures are the seller's great grandparents portraits. Why they didn't want to keep them? I have no idea, but I fell in love with the frames.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Run For Your Life 10/5&6/07

Friday I went to a Sales by Helen, which was held at a gorgeous house on the Main Line. There were antiques from top to bottom. When I opened the door the rooms sang to me! The books I had purchased were all from the '60s and boy were they ever. The pages are filled with orange and vinyl furniture. The find of the day consisted of 4 pairs of toile curtains that fit perfectly in my library, and of course, 5 clocks to add to my collection.

Advice of the Day: Just like we were all taught when were young, Don't ever discuss politics and religion with other people. While waiting in line to enter the sale I was reminded of this lesson. A lady, with a ciggerette hanging from her mouth, was expressing her views on how horrible this country is and almost had to run for her life. Listen to your elders kids and no one will get hurt! lol

1960s Books and 3 of the clocks

Saturday Connie and I met at our usual time and headed out on one of the hottest days. This week there were only about 30 sales, but Connie made out like a bandit. I found a little, glass serving dish with 6 spoons inside. Upon asking the lady how much she proceeded to tell me how they belonged to her great grandmother. Talk about a great find, when I turned them over and discovered they were all sterling silver and for only a buck for the whole thing! I also found 4 hand embroidered hand bags and 2 large mirrors.

Hand embroidered "Forgot to mention" pillow