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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkeys,Dogs,Hamsters, and Trees

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Of coarse we ate to much, as I am sure the rest of the world did too!! Thanksgiving was spent at my in-laws this year, and the food and laughfter was great.

Every Black Friday I am usually out the door by 5 am with the rest of the shoppers, but this year I decided I had better get the house in order and decorate, and cook my turkey. Also with the sale coming up on Dec 1 , I really do have a lot to do. Everything still needs to be tagged and priced, but that will happen this week after work. If I get 2 extra seconds I might post a few pics so all can have a sneak peek.

Saturday I slept in, right thru the alarm clock. That's what I get for staying up the night before till 3am, cleaning and waiting for kids to stroll thru the door. Never did get to Connie's to go yardsailing either. But being the friend she is, she called to tell me about this really nice dog crate for sale right down the road from me. I WENT!! So glad I did. In the 20 minutes I was gone, the puppy ate a bunch of decorations. So much for a tree this year. I also bought a hamster cage for my daughter's hamster Teeny. She got her the first year of collage and was not allowed to have it. So I got a hamster. Well Teeny now has a beach house and a mansion. This thing has all these little tubes so the hamster can go from one to another. ( what ever happen to using your moms big mixing bowl, or the laundry room sink till the thing died?)

Sunday laundry day, need I say more.


Linda said...

So glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving as I did too.
Wow, you have been busy...your home looks lovely. I love how you decorated your dining room and the chandelier is gorgeous. Linda

Anonymous said...

very nice! sorry I can't post under my other account- what the heck? Anyway, you house looks lovely!


Wanda said...

Big mixing bowl or laundry room sink??? Say it ain't so! LOL

The house looks lovely. Wish I was that far along.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Your decorations are just beautiful! I love all of the shelves with the twinkle lights :)


Christie said...

My daughter also a college student, has a pampered hamster. I've been searching for a bigger cage as hers is growing exponentially, he's huge, but maybe because he's neutered. I've got to be more dedicated to the yard sale search.

Sondra said...

The decorations are looking wonderful. It sounds like you've been a busy lady! Sorry to hear that the mischievous little pup is still at it. My guy chewed the new estate sale bedspread this week - the little punk! So I feel your pain...we can console each other! The obedience fella told us that if they do these things it is because they are bored/need more exercise. I figure, I too need more exercise; but I surely don't go around destroying things in pursuit of it?!?!