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Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Lamp Is A Lamp ?

A lamp is a lamp and them some. As you know I made a coat rack out of an old lamp, thanks to Karla from Karla's Cottage. That got me thinking about these antique wall lights I had bought. So with a little glue, a few more buttons, and a couple of screws wallla I made clothes or what ever hangers for the doors of my guest room. Not so shabby Huh? In my bedroom I had found a pair of old lamps at an estate sale, bought them and put them aside. A few weeks later I found a pair of antique art deco perfume tops. Glued them together walla a beautiful mantle piece indeed. Who needs to see. Sometimes lights are better used for other things.

I will be adding a new feature that I hope you will all enjoy. Called Trippen with Antekin. Stayed tuned.


Linda said...

Too your new creations. I'd like to make a clothes hanger for the bathroom door...I'll be on the look out for a fixture.
Can't wait to hear more about Trippen. Linda

Lee W. said...

very cool- love the whiteness of them. You go!!