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Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Space

I refinished that little book case today. I think it came out pretty nicely. I replaced the back of it with a piece of bead board left over from another project, and than I painted it to match the built- ins in the library. While taking a picture of it, I decided to show you My Space. The library is not the prettiest room in the house. But it is all mine. I keep all my finds here, like my clocks, my books of course, and little things till sale time. I read, watch T.V., and listen to my CDS. Every family member knows, no shoes lying around, you can eat and drink, but clear out your mess before I catch you. And when I need MY Space clear out. I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures.


Lee W. said...

Oh- it's so pretty! I love the mantel over the fireplace. You lucky girl!! If I had a space like that, I might not come out!

Linda said...

Hi Dona, I love your is so warm and cozy, very inviting. I see so many things I like, especially the lamps(oil & electric) and all the clocks. Does your old phone still work? My gramma had one just like it. Thanks for sharing your space...Linda

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Dona,

What a wonderful space you have - I love that piece between the windows and the detail on your couch is amazing! You have such an eye for beautiful antiques.


Tracie said...

Nice pictures. Look at that cute doggie too, what a sweetheart. Really like your collection of clocks.

Linda said...

Hi Dona, please stop by, I have something for you. Hope your day is going well. Linda

Michelle said...

Hi Dona,
I enjoyed the photos of your have so many pretty things. I could curl up with a good book there!