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Monday, February 25, 2008

Tea For Two

Saturday Connie took me on a Field trip. We went to visit the mother in law
of one of her co-workers. This lady was nice enough to invite us into
her home. She collects teapots. They are from all over the world, some
antique, some vintage, and some modern. She has over 400 of them. I
never saw so many teapots in one place before. But, not only did she
show them to us, she gave us stories on them. I totally enjoyed it. I
now will look at teapots with a different attitude.

Sunday I
went up to the main line of Philly and went to a Sales By Helen.
I had just
missed Colleen by minutes. Well, I took a wrong turn, I was only off by
two streets, luckily (because being lost in the city is not fun. Been
there, done that before.)I did find just a few items, but I then got
called into work. The painting of the dental office was done. All of us
girls ended up putting in an 8hour day to put the office back together
in time for patients today. So my vacation is now over. It was fun
while it lasted.


Tracie said...

Hi Dona,
Welcome back to the real world.

I finally got my Sparkle Awards up, come by and visit and thanks for all the living vicariously through your vacation last week. It was a blast.


Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

You know, If i ever start up a big collection again I reckon it would be teapots, there are some stunners out there! Hmmm now you have put an idea in my head lol
Alicia ~ time worn style
PS. maybe we should start a little tag game featuring everyones fav teapot, I'm sure everyone would have at least one!

Wanda said...

400 teapots?! That's mind boggling. And dedication. I'd have lost interest after about 5. Where does one put 400 teapots?