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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Books and Cases

Friday and Saturday turned out to be the Mother Load of all sales. Friday morning I went to a moving sale in Kennett and bought a cabneit,an old sewing machine cabneit, a blue glass fruit bowl, and a rosewood screen. Friday night my daughter and I went to the Unionville Highschool Used Book Fair. I carried out as many books as I could. All total we bought about 35 decorating and antique books. Saturday morning I headed to Broomall to an estate sale. Yee, the house was scrunggy, but under all the trash, I came across a childs bone china tea set from Germany, a childs toy high chair, a punchbowl set, about 9 pieces of porcelian fiqures, and a nice milk glass candle stick holder. A very good weekend indeed. Laundry tomorrow. I'm tired!!!!

PS. The sewing machine cabneit has been scrubbed and a coat of polly applied. The insides were gone, but a large plastic laundry basket fits nicely inside. It now has a new home in my laundry room, holding dirty, smelly socks. Nice not to see laundry coming in from the garage. Always remember, just because it is one thing, it can become something else.


joshua said...

I must say, because it's true!, that this is one of the very best blogs I've ever visited yet!



Ann in TN said...

I love cabinets, but don't have the room for them. *sigh* Lucky you. :D And who would have thought to make a clothes hamper from a sewing machine cabinet? Not me. :D The childs' porcelain tea set is just darling.

I wish I had it in me to venture out to sales, but I just don't do it.

Love to read your blog. :)

Lee W. said...

woo hoo- gotta love junking!

Tracie said...

You find the best things wherever you go!

...And decorating books, one of my favorites, you lucky lady! Sounds like a blast, especially with your daughter-those times are great.