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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lady Wave Petunia

This weekend looked to be a complete wash out. It rained and was dreary
from the start of Friday morning. So like a good girl that I am, I
stayed in and cleaned. Well, not exactly all day did I clean. I still managed to take a truck load of furniture to auction. Hope it all sells for lots and lots.

Today did not look any better. But I had promised my daughter that I would tin foil highlite her hair today. The nearest beauty supply store near us is in Exton.
So off I headed. Well, you know I just had to stop at every yard sale
between here and there. Hey, GAS is expensive, So why not kill two
birds with one stone. Have fun and run errands. Finding was not that great. I picked up a pretty dancing lady, a tall table lamp, and two bone china boots.

On the way home I decided to stop at Walmart and pick up some steam cleaning solution to steam clean the rugs.( YES, I AM A Good Girl) LOL!!!
And ended up buying 22 flats of wave petunias in pink. I know I could
have gotten them cheaper in Lancaster.BUT, the cost of GAS, how much
was I going to save. So 22 flats of flowers later I am wishing you all,
A Happy Mother's Day. This mom is pooped.



thank you for your comment on my blog yesterday! I hope you had a great Mother's day!

Lee W. said...

22 flats? Are you nuts?? That's a lot of planting. I ran to the Amish place around the corner nad picked up enought stuff to do my window boxes.