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Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Silent Woman ( Yea!! Right!!)

What a crazy week. After donating all my out of style clothes to the
Salvation Army, I got new ones. My daughter took me shopping. ( I paid
of course) After new everythings, I now am up to date. At least until next week, when a new fad comes out. Oh, Lucky ME!!

did not attend many sales this week, being naked and all. But I did
manage to talk my husband into stopping at one on the way home from
running an errand. He bought the drill press for me, He says I may need it for a project. Yea!! Right!!
Also the window pane, I'm seeing coffee table, and a wonderful old chair to practice upholstery . Then we found the sign! You know he was going to get it for me! Yea !! Right !!

I am very proud of him for coming along and being a good sport about it all.

Now on to some blogging business.
Michelle ~~~
Thank you so much for the award. It really brightened my day!!!

So I would like to pass it on to these Five Fabs !

Shawn ~~~ Who makes me dream!

Margo ~~~ Who thinks like me!

Linda ~~~ Who is always a friend!

Dena ~~~ Who reminds me of the finer things !

Lee ~~~ Who brightens my days of stories of her little people!


Country French Antiques said...

You are too kind, thank you so much!
I am glad I make you dream, life is too short not to.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Dona,

Thank you so much for the award, that is so sweet and you made my day :)


Linda said...

Dona, thank you so much for this neat award. I'm happy to call you my friend too.....this award made my day. Hugs, Linda

Lee W. said...

Hi Dona- thanks for the award!! I love your treasures stories, too. Love the sign- too funny! I wanna see some pictures of you in your new duds!!

blueberrybuttons said...

Thank you for sharing your finds and ideas. They are wonderful. Great inspiration!