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Monday, September 15, 2008

Re-Wired and Crystal and Brass At That

I started to take those crystal lamps apart and walla they are solid
brass and crystal. Never would have known that. They were so black, I
thought , huh, nothing worth saving but the glass do-dats.

I am so happy when I am wrong. Tomato
juice, ketchup, etc. cleans brass with a nice out come. I like my items
to sparkle, but only the glass, everything else, I want clean, but I
want age and use to still be present. So try tomato acid, works great. ( Tomato acid, kethcup, tomato juice, soup, etc. Soak pieces in a zip lock bag. Ah, nice!!!)

Now, all that crystal has a new home in my guest room. Not sure I am happy with that shade on the large lamp. Any thoughts???

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countrygirl3031 said...

Good morning Dona...I love those crystal lamps...just gorgeous. I'll have to try the tomato acid thing to clean my crystal candle sticks! I love that quilt on the bed..tooo cute!


Linda said...

I didn't know this...great tip! The lamps look wonderful...hugs, Linda

Lee W. said...

love the smaller lamps. I think the rule of thumb for lamp shades is the shade should be 4 inches larger in diameter than the widest part of the lamp base- which would explain why it seems unbalanced. Try a larger one and see what you think!

Wanda said...

That mirror, no excuse me. THOSE mirrors are absolutely to die for! And yes, definitely a larger shade for the lamp. I have a hard time getting the right size shades, too.

You've been tagged! Come on over to the blog to see what happens next.


Jeanette said...

Great job on the lamps, I need to learn how to do that. My aunt gave me an antique brass floor lamp about 15 years ago and DH won't rewire it because he thinks it's ugly.

I also think there is a bigger shade needed on your one lamp. And I am drooling over that lace throw on the bed.