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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Caught In The Act

Well once again I stayed in this past weekend. The rain makes my leg and ankle hurt. I can not get that boot wet either. During the night every night this past week, the deer have come and eaten my plants around the patio. The little buggers ate all the ivy out of the planters on the patio wall, and then moved to the hydrangeas around the patio.

Today at 11am they decided to come out and munch on the grass inside the farm fence. What did I Do!! I watched them. They are a set of this years twins, cute as can be, but next year they are dinner.


Magnolia Street Style said...

Feed them well. Yummy.

jobs newzealand said...

Poor deer! The deer must have nothing to eat. You should give him something to eat so that he wouldn’t bother eating the entire garden.

Furniture removals Melbourne said...

You have a visitor in your garden, nice catch deer photo. Caught in the act, I wonder where that deer came from.