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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rennigers 9/28/07

Friday morning I chose to go to Rennigers since Colleen, from Fresh Vintage, had rented a space with her sisters. Luckily, before I left home I checked the blog for the address;therefore, noticing that Colleen had been online and posting about the rainy weather and their lack of tent. While rushing out the door, I grabbed the tent I had in my garage and rushed to the sale. After dragging the enormous thing down, and across the field I finally reached their tables. The tent was hung, and the day was quite a success. However, while attending the sale I became hungry. So going over to the food station I came across a delicious looking chicken wrap. With my drink in hand I grabbed the wrap and went to checkout. Upon checking out, the cashier and I weren't agreeing on the prices. For some reason, she was trying to take more money from me than what was owed to her. Drink= $2.50 wrap = $2.00. So why would she try and only give me $11 in change from $20. Well folkes, it is a great idea to wear your glasses because if I had I would have noticed that hot dogs were $2 and the wrap was $6.50. DUH! lol my "Idiot of the Year" award is in the mail.

On a smarter note, my purchases were fantastic:
$5.00 ~ 1 glass lamp shade
$15 ~ 15 crystals
my being an idiot ~ priceless

Happy Dumpster Diving,
Shop til You Drop!

This set took 2 estate sales, 1 year and $100
Bonus: a 1 1/2 carat amethyst gold ring found in a sugar bowl!

Elephant was picked up a an estate sale ~ $10
Lamp was purchased at a yardsale ~ $1 ~ Shade at Rennigers $5

3 X 2 1/2 ~ picked up at Media YardSale Days for $5

Mantle on the Fireplace
An antique, Scandanavian dresser mirror with original paint
$20 at a yardsale with added wooden embellishments that I picked up at another yard sale for a couple of bucks

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