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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Free Bike Today 9/21 & 22/07

Friday started off great! I went to a Sales by Helen in Upper Darby where I picked up a beautiful set of China that completed a set I already owned. On my way home, I found a neighborhood yard sale off the corner of routes 926 & 52. Shortly after stopping, a mahogany end table caught my eye for my daughter's room.

Saturday was extremly rainy and cold all day. Connie and I headed out anyway to see what we could find. However, the day was packed with yardsales and we made out like bandits. Burried deep in a box, I found a antique canope cover that took over an hour to untangle, but the end result was worth it. The piece fits the top of my bed perfectly! Other finds included occupied china pieces, old shutters, and of course, a dog bed for the new puppy. On the way home, I happened to see a 1950s Goodyear Marathon peddle bike for free. I quickly snatched up the item in order to give it to my brother who collects antique peddle bikes. The day was a complete success and only spent 15 bucks! Talk about the bargains!

Happy Dumpster Diving
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Wanda said...

I just mozied over here from Fresh Vintage. You did great with $15! Ain't it grand?

Sondra said...

Oh dear! I am sooo jealous of that bike. I have been looking for just the thing!!!:(

Lee W. said...

I cam from Fresh Vintage too- you site is great! I love good yard sale stories- I'm living vicariously... I would totally love to go to the Media sale next year!!

Dona said...

Thanks for checking me out.More stories yet to come. Keep in touch


Linda said...

Love yard sales and what great did good:). Linda

eightpointer said...

Looking for a place for the 1/2 Iron West Highland Terrior Ornament on/near the deck. Thanks.