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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sailing with the Husband 10/20/07

Ok, Today was great. Unfortunally, Connie could not join me; something about landscaping her front yard. Excuse me but isn't that what Sundays are for? However, I understand, really, when husbands are in the mode you have to do it.(HaHAHA). Anyway, I talked my husband into going with me today on a saling adventure. What fun..... after we established the rules: 1. We stop and the coffee and danish get left in the car. 2. Yes, we get out at those sales we can not do a drive by, and go in the garage, house etc. 3. We do not ask " Where is that going?" Or " Do we really need that?" He actually did well, I think he was amazed at what we found. We needed a new lock and door knob for the garage door; he found one in the box new for $5. He was a happy camper. I was even more so because I collect the ladie head vases, and I found 7 of them at one sale for $5 a piece. I was also able to pick up an old high chair(Colleen?) ,and a couple of old cross stich samplers. Todays total = $45. Not Bad. I was so glad to get out, it was amazing, as sick as I was all last week with bronchitus I really needed today. It does not take much to make one happy.

lady head vases

lamp from last week sale and lady head vase

Just because I liked it. It is a little morbid. But tiss the season.

Finally hung my winter curtains....why? clue since it is 80 degrees!



Connie said...

I can't wait to see your pictures and all of the things that I missed out on. You always get really good finds.

Wanda said...

Wow! Lady head vases for $5 each?! How lucky can you get?

My head vase experience goes way back. Years ago, I found a head vase for $7.00, but she was missing an earring. When I first got my booth, I figured, since she was missing her earring, she wasn't worth much, so put $14 on her - at the most. Naturally, she sold immediately to a dealer. I kicked myself for a while about that one. I've never found another that cheap. Haven't bought any others, either.

Linda said...

You did have a great day. Your mantel is beautiful! I hardly ever see lady head vases....great find and the price excellent :).Glad you had fun. Linda

FrenchGardenHouse said...

You did have some wonderful finds! Maybe I need to go shopping with you, you shop almost as much as I do. Thanks for visiting me today!
:) Lidy

Vintage Hunter said...

Awesome score on the head vases! I collect them too. Not often that you find nice ones at that price!