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Monday, October 15, 2007

Free Sailing 10/13/07

This weekend consisted of a typical day of yardsaling. Connie and I headed out at our usual time and we were on our way. My husband tipped us off on a free moving sale that one of his buddies was holding. The sale had loads of stuff that added to our collection of junk quite nicely. Another sale that caught our eye was held by mutual friends of Connie and I. The sale started at 12pm, but were allowed in a 11! After a successful day of sales, I returned home to celebrate my 23rd wedding anniversary with my husband and family.

lamps and bed tray are from a yardsale while the rest was all free!

The mantle was free, while the handpainted screen was only $2 at a yardsale

The mirror was purchased at a alley sale. The two pictures are the seller's great grandparents portraits. Why they didn't want to keep them? I have no idea, but I fell in love with the frames.


Linda said...

Glad you found lots of goodies. Congratulations on your 23rd anniversary...looking forward to pictures. Linda

Lee W. said...

sounds like a nice day!

Sondra said...

Congrats on your Anniversary! OH I am so jealous of your goodies. The screen, the table -free!!!, and the beautiful picture frame. All of it is sooo much fun!!!

Question - in the first picture there is a reflection of the dog in something in the upper right. Is that a picture or is that actually the outside of your house? It's beautiful!! And the dog is too!