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Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh, It Is Much Fun Not Working

I can say that today, because it is Monday. Next Monday I will be pulling my hair out at work again. But for now I'm blogging. I went up to Delaware County today to run errends. And had to stop at one of my favorite Goodwills. This is my favorite one, because not only is everything for sale in the store spotless, but the store itself is spotless. Not many around that you can say that about. So here are the finds of the day. An old wicker baby basket, a black wicker newspaper rack with the makers tag, two porcelain lamps with original shades, and a pink McCoy swan planter.Not bad when I was going food shopping. Since that did not happen today, guess I'll try again tomorrow.(On the way there, I know of a thrift store I might have to stop in at.)


Tracie said...

Hi Dona,
Happy Week off! I know you'll enjoy every single day.

Love the magazine rack and those lamps are great too - extra fufu!

Hope you make it to the grocery store sometime this week - but won't count on it... Happy Thrift Store finds!

Michelle said...

Those lamps are great and the swan is too pretty!


Lee Weber said...

the baby basket is gorgeous! Love your other finds too. Hey, who needs food anyway??