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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Story Time

Well, I figure about now, you all are wondering why I decorate so much. So I thought I would share with you what makes me tick. Well, I'll share a little. I grew up in two states.I spent half of every year in Maine and the other half in PA.Why you ask? My father was a carpenter by trade, he became a teacher at Williamson Trade School the year I was born 1964.All teachers were provided housing on the 200 acre school grounds. A very beautiful place it is too. And we were no different. The students all had to live there also. Now here is the kicker, it is a boys school, no girls allowed. I was it.How wonderful you all are thinking ! 200 boys between the ages of 18 and 20 ! More on that later. My father was on call 24 7. So we spent every weekend, holiday, and when the shool was closed in a camp ground or where ever my Dad had the urge to go. The school was closed for 6 months every year.

So this is where Maine comes in. On a urge to see Maine, we went there on a camping trip. Bought an acre of land on First Roach Pond in Kokad-Jo and stayed for 6 months.My Dad built our camp. We were 40 miles from Greenville Maine (Moosehead Lake area) down a dirt road. And basically it was just us 6 months a year.In the winter too. We would have to pull our sled in with supplies.

By the time I was 3, I had visited every state except Alaska. Do not remember any of it.Now back to the school. I had lots of girlfriends because of where I lived. But me, I was a real tomboy. With that many brothers how could you not be? I rode dirt bikes etc. I had dolls, mostly heads were missing, because I was in a tree fort some where in the woods. And protected like crazy! I could not get away with any thing or Dad would know. My 200 brothers looked after me.

Then along came David. A machinist attending the school. Ohhhhh, not good! I crossed over into the other trade world. Good thing he wasn't one of my brothers! We married a year after he graduated. I was 20 and he 23. We moved from PA to PA 5 times. Then to the Eastren Shore of Maryland. Cambridge area.Then we moved back to PA when he took a job with Scott Paper Company ( now Kimberly Clark )lived in many apartments.
Now we are going to have a baby, and we need a house. Ended up living with my parents, his parents, and any one else who would have us, why we scraped to buy our townhouse in Chester County PA. My dad shook in his boots. A townhouse??? Made by put up quick one abees? YES Dad. We had to, a baby was coming.

Now, we are ready to move in, the house was not done, and Tami was born! And my husband is on strike!! Yes Tami was a strike baby. Back to living with who ever would take us. No money coming in now. Finally 6 months later we move in, can't afford a fridge, washing machine, or any thing else all we have is tied up in the house.

Another baby! David Jr. was born during the layoff period at Scott Paper.By the time we recovered from that and David Jr. was in 7 grade my husbands company was sold. And he was laid off again. Searching for jobs was not easy. But he did it, and by the time Scott called to bring him back he was already setteled in with a new company,went back to school got his bachelors etc.

Our townhouse, we lived in it for 17 years, and it was great for my kids, they had lots of friends, woods to play etc.But we were ready to move on. We sold that townhouse 5 years ago and bought our little horse farm. NO HORSES!! They leave huge piles, that I'm not ready for.We waited a life time for a home to have houseguests,host holidays,and leave only when we wanted.

Our homes were always homes because we were together, but I finally have a place big enough for my finds, my family, and hopefully their families. My world is always changing, but now it is only inside my own walls.


Linda said...

Dona, what a touching story with some ups and downs but a very happy ending. You have your nest now and can play and putter all you want...that is a good thing.Home is always home when filled with love. Linda

Tracie said...

What a great share, I get it now~

No wonder you're a decorataholic!

You're right - home is where the heart is. Glad you have a horse farm now though - lots of things to put there, I wondered how you could have so much stuff.


Lee Weber said...

wow- great story. You and hubby deserve it!

PS- my hubby's from Maine. I love his accent!