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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Still At Work

So here it is almost 7:30 pm, and I have been at my dental office since 8 am. Our office will be closed all of next week. It will be painted and updated a little. So as I help move everything to the middle of the rooms, I remembered the give away.

Here is how my co-workers and I picked the winner. We did it the vintage way! I took all 72 comments. Wrote one thru 72 on pieces of scrap paper. In the trashcan(empty LOL), ran around the office and picked a number. Counted down the list of comments and Laura from All About Pretty Won!!

I had fun doing this give away. It was my first one ( yes, I'm a give away virgin LOL), entered a little on the late side, and I did not enter that many myself.But next year, watch out, I will enter everyones. You all will be sick of reading my comments.

Now, I plan on visiting with each of you, who stopped by to visit with me. It will take a little while to visit. But, I will, and hopefully soon. There are soooooo many talented people out there. I want to take the time to learn what you make and admire them.

Thanks, See Ya Soon



Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Dona,

Wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day.


Tracie said...

Hi Dona,

Congratulations to Laura. It sounds like you had lots of fun running around the office to pick the winner.

And Happy Valentine's Day again - I hope you get out of that office soon. What are you doing all next week? Treasure hunting?

Whatever it is - have fun!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Congratulations to Laura! Yup cant beat the old trashcan pick a number system, thats for sure :0)
Alicia ~ time worn style

Linda said...

Congratulations to Laura, you lucky lady :).

Dona, a whole week will be able to do some serious shopping. I hope you find lots of great treasures. Linda

Tracie said...

Please tell me you're not still at work!

You better make up for it big time this weekend Dona.

Have fun,