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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here's To A Week Off

Yesterday started my count down to a week off of work. Well the paying job anyway. While off this week coming up, I plan on taking things to auction and consignment. Have to make room for all the upcoming sales, once the weather gets nice. But for now, I setteled for two estate sales. One yesterday and one today. Did ok at both. Friday's sale netted some linens,a cherub candlestick in brass, 2 silk pillows, and 2 plant stands (for the dental office). Not to bad. Todays catch a sampler dated from 1959 of the Pledge Of Allegiance and a little bookcase or maybe an old radio case. It was painted yellow. So I re-painted it and it goes very nicely next to my daughter's bed. She will use it for her collage books and whatevers.

PS. I traded my daughter's bed for Connie's daughter's bed this past summer.It's a beauty is it not? The only sad thing about it is, it is solid oak and someone painted it white. Such a shame to do that to a piece like that. Sometimes painting furniture is good, but sometimes it must be left alone.


Lee Weber said...

hope you enjoy the time off. Sounds like your sales have been good. I picked up a few things at Nottingham this weekend.

Wanda said...

I really like all the goodies! That tablecloth is beautiful. You just got the bookcase thing and have already repainted it?! I keep things for years before I get around to painting. LOL I admire you very much.

Linda said...

Dona, you did it again....great finds. I loved the little yellow bookcase, it would be perfect in my kitchen, but is sure looks nice in your daughters room. I really like the sampler too. All that work, you wonder how someone could part with it. Have fun this week. Linda

Tracie said...

Hi Dona,
You found great some great things again. That sampler is a real find. As far as the bed goes, can you distress it a little, or is that something you're not into at all? I've got a little nightstand painted white that I didn't even realize was oak, but it had a few little spots, so I wore it away a little with some sand paper and I like it. Don't know if that's your style at all. I agree some pieces need to stay as intended.

Happy Week Off - yay for you!

Michelle said...

That candlestick is too sweet! Have a great week off..