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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mary Full Of Grace

This morning was beautiful. It started off at a wonderful 50 degrees and continued to warm all the
way to 65. So, after taking the dog for the morning ritual of potty and
eating, I decided to go back to the estate sale. Just to see what was
left. Glad I did, I crawled in to the attic cobby and came out with an old mahogany chair, the leg had popped off, but it was doweled
, so no pic right now, I had to replace one dowel and it is now drying
after gluing. I was able to find another Italian print, this one is one
everyone knows," The Blue Boy". Also in one of the upstairs bedroom
closets, I found an old bake-e-lite vanity mirror, light up! Well this
week, I will be heading to our local lighting store for bulbs. Hope
they still make them. A punch bowl with 12 cups, and an Italian shelf finished out the estate sale. Almost forgot, a box of new candles in taupe, 12 of them for a dollar.

the way home I stopped at a thrift store and found, "Mary". She stands
over 12 inches high, is Italian made. Marked, made of plaster, and her
paint looks really good, just a few, and I mean a few chips.

I headed to the noon moving sale. The heavens opened up, and it poured,
could not see in front of you. Well, I get to the sale at 11, because I
was not going home and back again. Can you believe there was a line of
people waiting in the pouring down rain? I stayed in my car and went to
sleep. At 12 the people opened the garage. Yes, the garage, and they
were selling a few pieces of Bombay furniture! I went home, the nap did
me good. I had better put some nice pillows in my car for the next sale.

That sale happens to be Sunday. Another Estate sale, this time closer to home. Will keep you posted.


Tracie said...

When is your next vacation? How about I book a flight to your area - I will stay in a hotel nearby (I swear!) and won't be any trouble at all (hardly...). Remember, you don't eat while estate sale shopping, neither do I! Maybe a rest stop every few hours??

All in jest - but it tis a dream! Maybe you could start the "Dona Estate Sale Tour!" A new enterprise just waiting to happen.

Happy weekend sweets - love the Mary figure. Glad you caught a nap since you're hitting the road yet again tomorrow. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

WOW- you hit the jackpot! You should go to Atlantic City- you lucky girl!


cookie said...

I'm making the rounds and saying hello to my OWOH blogging friends. I enjoyed reading your post. You really found a lot at this sale.

Sending you good wishes for a great week.