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Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunday Wash Out

Sunday's estate sale was a total wash out. The items in the home were
nice. But, the family had taken what they wanted, as they should, and
left everything from TJMax and Marshalls behind. Well I felt like I was
shopping at the mall. The prices were really high too. What you going
to do, but call it a day. All sales can't be good. So I will try again
next week.

painted that little shelf I got at Saturday's sale. It came up pretty
nice, I hung it at my dental office over my computer with items found
here and there. I also included a pic of the chair found in the attic.
I think I might keep this one. Well, for this week anyway. Hope you all
have a wonderful week.


Linda said...

Hi Dona, you really transformed the looks great. The attic chair has such a pretty back, I think it would be pretty in your home, I hope you find a place for it. I love bakelite and your mirrow is so unusal I hope you found lights. Is it a keeper? Hugs, Linda

Tracie said...

Hi Dona,
I like the chair, I'd keep it.

Sorry about the sale, you're usually so fortunate to find great things though. Just think to next weekend and all the treasures just waiting for you to rescue them!

Happy week!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, you go to the sales with such great expectations and then they are a bomb! But then when you go to the next one, you find so much, you are scurrying around picking things up left and right. So take heart, the next one will be great. The shelf looks real cute!

LeAnn :)

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Dona,

Darn, I was coming to see the treasures too, oh well, the next one will be great I am sure -- you always find the good stuff! Hope you are having a great week.


Wanda said...

Oh, how many sales I've been to like that! Only the ones around here usually have stuff from The Dollar Tree. LOL That's what populates the local thrifts, too. Dollar Tree stuff priced at $3.00.

Jeanette said...

you did a beautiful job on the shelf, it looks amazing!

Love the chair too. My MIL has six Lyre back chairs in her basement. They go with her grandmother's dining table. It is the neatest thing, it looks like a hall table but it folds out to this huge dining table. Not very sturdy, but gorgeous.

I am hoping someday she realizes that I am the only one who gets sentimentally attached to family heirlooms and looks favorably upon me LOL SIL would haul it to auction so fast your head would spin, she is all about the cash in hand. grrrr

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

OOOOh dona, I am loving that shelf, you find the best goodies even when there are the occasional wash outs! I didnt go treasure hunting today as way too hot, we are having a heat wave!
Alicia ~ time worn style