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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quilts and Swans

Today was the first day
could come out and play.Well, I must say her dining room is beautiful!
But, I was missing my partner in crime. Not much fun driving around
listening to a machine say "turn right, go 100 miles, turn left.Recalculating
, make a u-turn, destination on right." So, we managed to find 5 sales
today. One estate, one in the newspaper call for appointment, and 3
yard sale moving sales. We did not do to badly.

Every sale had swans! Glass swans, porcelain swans, plastic swans, you name a swan they had it. So I bought one swan. A blue swan planter, filled it with hotel toiletries, and but it in the guest room. That brings me to the quilt I found. My arms are full of swans and whatnots
and I say to the lady," how much for the handmade quilt upstairs in the
box?" She says" Great aunt so and so made it. When my mother gets here,
we will ask her" (Like I'm going to hang around and visit with her all
day? I don't think so.)

Well. Connie found two hand made pillows
(she was able to carry them and her other goodies) she says to the lady"
how much?" Gets the same story. Meanwhile, another couple come around
the hall with my quilt!!! Now the lady is on the phone calling her
mother. WHO did not want the quilt the pillows or anything else. So the
lady says "$5" for the quilt. The other couple says "sold!" Now, I am a
very nice person. I normally try never to act like a rude dealer or be
mean. But damn it that was my quilt. So by the time we got done, I
walked out with my prize. Which now covers my quest bedroom bed. Any
one want to buy it?? Comes with a great free story!


Connie said...

I never did see the quilt that you were fist fighting for. It's beautiful and was meant to be yours. It was fun to get out again. The season has only just begun.


Michelle said...

Wow! What a great story on the quilt..glad you got it :)


Linda said...

And the winner was Dona...yay! Good for you. The quilt is very lovely and I like the swan filled with goodies for guests.
Have a Happy St Pat's day. We are having the traditional dinner. Are you? Hugs, Linda

Wanda said...

I'd have been fuming! Glad you stuck to your guns and got the quilt. It's awfully pretty. I like the swan, too. Like what your doing with it.