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Friday, March 28, 2008

Tis The Good Life

So, I am so ready to quit my paying job! Well, not till collage is paid
for. But when your out finding finds like these, and it's only Friday,
and summer hasn't even started yet. It really makes one want just to
keep driving and buying!

I made out pretty well, a can of vintage push pins, 20 pair of them. A brass Chandler,
all parts there, just have to put it back together again. A great art
deco hanging lamp, lots of Occupied Japan pieces, and some nice linens,
and yes we can"t forget the rug. Off to auction with that one. They
sell pretty well over here, I guess because of the old homes being
restored thru out Chester County.

By the way Connie and I will be selling at the DCCC flea market on April 13. More info to come. Would love to see all you local vintage hunters! Stop by if you can to say Hello.

Check out the pics I've added to my website. Still putting it together.


Tracie said...

Hi Dona,
As usual, you are the best treasure hunteress!

I am going to go check out the website right now.

Happy weekend (sounds like you have Spring Fever sweets!).

Michelle said...

I love all your treasures!! I'm yard saling tomorrow! Yippee!!


Linda said...

Hi Dona, you hit the mother lode today...great finds.

Your website is awesome. Lots of time involved and it shows....great job. I loved all the slideshows and what a pretty collection of head vases.

I'm doing some saling and flea marketing this permitting. I've got my fingers crossed. Have a great weekend. Linda

Vintage Hunter said...

Those pins are so fun! Love the art deco light too.

Lee W. said...

Hi Dona- great finds! What are those flowers? 'Cause I think I want them- oh, NEED them! LOL!

Tracie said...

Love the website (not that it's a surprise!).

Hope you're having a great day and some great finds - good thing you have a big house!