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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good Things Come in Twos

Today was that kind of a day. Connie and
I headed out bright and early this morning. Off to Delaware County to
an estate sale. The sale was advertised to start at 9. We got there at
8:20 and were still tenth in line. And oh was it chilly!!!!.

By the time the doors opened, every one was an icicle.
The poor family having the sale (their first) WAS TOTALLY OVER WHELMED.
Good thing for us, they were giving it all away. I bought an 37" TV for the
kids to watch in the basement $5. The picture is so good on it, that
the kids got my old TV from the library instead.

I also bought a
pair of china platters, a pair of bone china figures,a pair of tables and a pair of
rugs. I knew I should have bought another TV. Oh yeah, I forgot, how silly of me. I did buy another TV,a small 12" for my son"s room yesterday at a yard sale. Does that count??

So you see, Good Things do come in twos.

PS. I put that brass Chandler together. So keeping it!!! Down came the Crystal one in the hallway, and up went the brass. My goodness my love affairs do not last long. Will be selling that crystal one soon.

1 comment:

Tracie said...

Hi sweet Dona,
Love all your finds, the figurines are my favorite, of course. What a deal, a TV for $5.00 and a little one too (which does count!). Sounds like you had loads of fun.

Those china platters are lovely too.
Love your adventures.