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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Linens and Things

Treasure hunting is a good thing. Especially when done with your best
friend. However, we both have the same and different tastes. That being
said, I don"t know how many times we each tried to take the other's
finds.Today was funny. Connie would pick up an item, put it in her
pile, and walk away. I would come over pick up her item, and be told
from whom ever was running the sale the item was bought. Then Connie
would go and do the same to me. It got down right funny.

bought so much stuff, that once again I think we were a danger to those
drivers behind us, I really must install semi truck mirrors on my
little SUV!! But, did we have fun. We drove in circles, went up hills,
parked in grass, and did a u-bie on route 1.

At one sale we found wooden VCR tape racks. Spray painted white, they will hold our linens nicely at the up coming sale at DCCC Penn State flea market on April 13.
You all who live local and can come say Hi, might walk away with a little something special. Just mention driving with " NO VISIBILITY" LOL

And make sure you aren't behind me when I arrive or leave the sale. I might not be able to see out of the back windows on that day. LOL


Connie said...

I want to read those magazines before you sell them, I need a fashion lesson. Your little head vase is a Toby vase. Great buys as always.


Tracie said...

Hi Dona,
Sounds like you two had a blast. I love your shopping adventures, but glad my car or my person won't be in your way. I know what it's like to have the SUV, I mean CR-V filled to the brim and not be able to see. My daughter gets out and tells me if it's ok... scary - you ladies be careful - but shop on!

Sondra said...

Love it! The story sounds all too familiar, as I've been there and done that with my friend Nicky. Wish I was a bit closer...I'd definately be coming to that sale! One day!!!!

Linda said...

Hi Dona, you two have the best time together....Connie and you make a great team. I love the sewing and fashion booklets. I have lots of little kitchen and cooking ones but these are the neatest. Hugs, Linda

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hi dona, would SO love to come to visit you at your sale, wish I wasnt over the oceans!! Isnt it fun treasure hunting with a friend though, only a true friend would be excited for you when you find that one fantastic item.
alicia ~ time worn style

Lee W. said...

cracking up! You;re one of those people that you point at when you pass them. Love the red bowl!!