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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Giving Thanks and Spending Money

Sunday, a day of thanks and prayers. A day of families and resting. A day of church and Yard sales???

Well, yes. This morning I headed to St. John Neumans Church in Bryn Maur PA. Every year they have a huge yard sale that benefits the church and school. I did not get there yesterday, so I decided
to check it out today. Today everything was 50% off. I did good. I
spent money and than I attended Mass. So you see, I gave thanks and
Spent money too.


Linda said...

Hi had a great Sunday and were doubly blessed. Darling tea set and looks like lots of great linens, plus all the other goodies. Have a great week. Hugs,Linda

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hey Dona, I think you pretty well covered your Sunday out!! We have a church next door and they have the best fair there with second hand goods once a year. Plus I can just put all my finds over the fence without worrying about someone else grabbing them lol. I always give thanks for finding such delights there! Just love sharing the photos of your finds :0)
ALicia ~ time worn style

Linda said...

Hi Dona, have a great weekend! If you going saling hope you find lots of treasures. Hugs, Linda