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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Buying To Sell, Buying To Keep

Today was a very good day. Connie and I left bright and early this morning. Connie bought an Old Blue Eyes CD ( Franck Sinatra) at a yard sale today, and we played it while we sailed the morning away. There were so many yard sales, that we really did not leave West Chester area at all. We bought so much stuff that there was not a place to put anymore in the car. Connie had boxes on her lap, boxes at her feet,and boxes at her side. Poor thing. And the back of my car was so full, that we were afraid to put the windows down for fear that things would fall out.

I am only showing you the things I decided to keep today. All the other stuff will be in tomorrows pics from the flea market. If you can stop buy!! Meant stop by. TYPO!!!

Todays Keepers

Eastlake Chair = new project to tackle

Fireplace screen = saw in Frontgate decorating magazine for a price I would never pay

Japenese Maple = Yes, we made it fit in the car with everything else

Brass pot = The maple has a home for now

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