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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Fleas at Market

This morning was beautiful. Connie and I arrived at the DCCC Flea
Market right as the gates opened 7:30am. WE were off, pulled in started
unloading and setting up. People every where. Thought this thing did
not start to 9am. Oh, how could I forget! The dealers! They like to buy
your stuff, re-price and place on their tables. I have this rule no
lowering my prices before the real public come. I don't like being hit
with people who buy and resell at the same place. I do not think it's
nice. You want to buy it, then please put it in your car for the next
sale that you will be having.

I like to buy things that I love,
and than pass them on to someone who will love them too. I know that
may sound silly or even stupid. You may be saying to yourself, " Dona
you are a dealer" Well, maybe so, in the world of antique buyers and
sellers. But, you must remember, I live in my own world. I am a finder
of wonderful finds to share with other lookers and seekers of wonderful
finds. So please do not call me a dealer.

I love the things that I buy so for that reason I share them with others.


The pis are yesterday's finds of the day. Somehow I deleated the pics of the sale today. Someday, I will get the hang of uploading,downloading, and deleating.

My husband brought it to my attention, that I should be pleased the dealers hit on us hard this morning, he says it is confirmation that Connie and I have a eye for quality and that we should take it as compliments that they want to buy our finds. I never looked at it that way before. I think he is right. You know that man amazes me sometimes. Now you all know why I love him, he keeps me grounded.

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