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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Re-Wired Lesson 1

Re-wiring a lamp can be scary. Here's the reason why. Not because the
only thing that makes it work is the wire, plug, and socket. But, the
fact that it must come apart and go back together the same way. Once
you get over the fear of taking the thing apart, the easy part is the
new wire.

Look at your lamp. Sometimes it only needs a new
plug. These are the easy fixes. You can buy a snap on plug for a few
dollars at Walmart. Very easy to install. You cut the old plug off. Open the new plug, insert the wire and close. Plug in and you can see again.

the cord on your lamp is scary looking, than you will want to replace
the entire cord. This too is an easy fix. The hard part getting the lamp
apart. I always cut the cord right off at the base. Now, I can work on
taking the lamp apart.

I lay my lamp on a towel on the dining room table. All lamps come apart. You just have to figure out how yours
does. Lay your parts out in the order in which they go on the table.
This will make it easier when you go to put it back together.

may also want to replace the socket. The socket is what holds the light
bulb. Most of the time this is fine. But, when in doubt replace.

Now, you will know what parts to buy. Most parts can be bought at Walmart
for a few dollars. It is a good idea to buy a small electric kit, with
all the tools you will need in one easy place. The kit cost $10 at Walmart.But does not include the cord, or the socket.

This is also a good time to wash your lamp. Just remember to put it back in order in which it goes when you are done.

Get your supplies together and see you tomorrow. Remember I said I would go slow. Any questions, please ask.


Michelle said...

Thank goodness I have my hubby to re-wire things..scary!!

Have fun..


Linda said...

I've never tried this before...but your info is very precise...back to part two. Linda