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Monday, May 19, 2008


Monday night at the dental office. Connie comes in and says " Are you
going any where but home right now?" Well, the only place I was going
after work was to get coffee, we are out, so my husband says, Ivory
soap, the kids bathroom has none, so the daughter says, and razor
blades, before my son cuts his head off, so he says. No not going any
where but home. Why?

There is a Monday night yard sale right
down the road. That's why I'm late coming in tonight. I just had to
stop, Connie says. You know now that I am going right there!!!

I bought some doll furniture,a brass zodiac
lamp, an old sewing machine and table. Now, I am home, plug the lamp in
after taking the pics to show you all, and puff, the thing blows the
light bulb, and smokes in my face. REWIRE time.

That got me
thinking about all you out there that never re-wired a lamp. I'm going
to show you how. Don't worry, I'll go slow. So tonight's homework. Find
a lamp that you want to re-wire and tune in Wed.nite. I have to work late tomorrow nite. So Wed. night we hold class. DO NOT GET the glass chandelier out yet. Let's start with a basic lamp.


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Dona,

I've been wanting to drill in to this rooster statue to make a lamp out of it so I'll be checking back :)



Hi Dona...thanks for all your sweet comments lately...I really appreciate them! Yay! I always wanted to know how to rewire a lamp! thanks for coming up with a tutorial...I will tune in tomorrow.

Sharon said...


I popped over from Linda @ Somewhere in Time. You have a cute blog! How scary about the lamp....been there done that! Old lamps can be scary! I like all your treasures!

:0) Sharon

Vintage Hunter said...

Adorable doll furniture! While I have rewired quite a few lamps I have several more that I haven't gotten around to. I need to go get parts and get that done!

Jeanette said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE that highchair, I am so jealous!

And thanks for the rewiring tutorial, I have had an antique lamp for about 12 years now that I have been begging DH to rewire. Now I may just give it a shot myself. DH won't do it because he thinks my lamp is ugly LOL