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Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Powder Room Pizazzzz !!

Once again Connie and I headed out this morning. Connie drove this time, and we had a blast. I found the usual
treasures of linens, fur, beaded bags, and two lady head vases. I also found a single server
coffee pot from Starbucks. My daughter is going to love it!! Also a
cool find of the day is a sugar, flour, tea, and coffee canister set in
tin. Kinda reminds me of the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters movie. Think his name was StayPuff??
Well, anyway, I am using it for coffee filters, teabags, and sweet'n'low.

Connie bought this really nice old dresser, and she wanted to go back
today to pick it up. Well, that too is a story for her to tell. But,
pulling out of the driveway where she bought the dresser was two large paper bags
filled with old glass bottles (all sizes), a little sad wooden shelf,
and a wooden decorative butter churn, handle missing. I grabbed them.
Oh no! More projects.

I spray painted the butter churn and shelf
white. I added an old glass bottle lid for a handle. Now it is a trash
can in the powder room. DOGPROFFFFFFF!!!!!
The little shelf got
lined with a pretty wrapping paper. I added old vintage white Ponds
(face cream jars) jars from the trash, and a few porcelain roses found
a couple of yard sales ago. You know, some of my best treasures come
out of others trash. Powder room is now finished.


Linda said...

Love the little head vases and what a great re-do on the it. I'm always looking for the little jars. You know the old saying one man's anothers treasure...isn't that the truth! Hugs, Linda

Sand Flat Farm said...

Great finds Dona- You and Connie make a great team! I love the little shelf- it's perfect for a powder room! Vickie

Michelle said...

I love all the treasures and that shelf is perfect!


Lee W. said...

Loving your recent finds- esp. the cannister! Very cool- I've never seen one like it before.