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Friday, June 13, 2008

More Projects!!!!!!!

Just what I need. More projects to do. Well, I just can't help these. I
have added two more to the ever growing list!! And it is all Connie's
fault!! How, do you ask, could sweet little Connie be at fault?? Well,
it is her fault!! Here is how it all started.

Yesterday why reading Craigslist,
Connie at her work and me at mine. 8 miles apart we are and calling
each other at the same time. There is an Estate sale Friday am and we
both want to go. I was already off and planning maybe to go. Connie
managed to talk her boss into her coming in late today. So this morning
she shows up at my house. We take my SUV, because the sale is in Malvern,
and if we bought something big, we did not want to have to drive back.
Gas you know is becoming a big problem in our sailing Saturdays. Trying
to stay alot closer to home before our husbands take away our car keys LOL.

One street before the Estate sale, out of the corner of my eye, I spy someones trash. Looked pretty good! So a ubie
I make with Connie saying we are almost there. In the trash on a very
busy work morning I find a old plant stand. Top missing. OK new home
for the antique bird cage from last week. And the wooden frame to an
old side table. I'm seeing ottoman out of this piece!!

we get to the estate sale, and yes the house is a 130 years old. Can
not get inside and the new owners bought it off of a couple who lived
in it for 40 yrs. They left all the furnishings!! The young couple did
not want any of it. But, what they are charging for those things, they
will be taking them back into the house.

did buy a brass ash try , very interesting, I am going to use it as a
coaster on my desk, and a orange flocked bird from back in the day sold
by Sears.

So you see, it is all Connie's fault! She made me GO!!

1 comment:

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

I think I would like Connie very much, nothing like a fellow treasure hunter is there lol! Lovely finds, how exciting finding a house full. Pity some people get a bit silly with the prices though, I always find that quite frustrating.
alicia ~ time worn style