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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Powder Room Pizaaazzzz

My powder room is small. Big enough to do what you need too. And a
window to open when the time comes. This is a very nice feature I must
admit to when entertaining. You just know that window is going to fly
open!!!. The other nice feature my powder room boasts is a fan in the
ceiling, also a nice feature when entertaining during the winter
months. Enough of the pleasures of powder rooms. To make mine pop with pizazz,
I added some soft yellow paint. Very soft. Then added wains coating
painted white. But the crowning feature to me is my collection of
antique medicine
mirrors. I have picked them up over the years, removed the mirrors and
then stored for the perfect place. I hope you enjoy them as much as I .

PS The window is open, for now ti's spring. Do what you need.


Michelle said...

I love your sweet powder room..those mirrors are very nice!


Linda said...

You have a wonderful collection of mirrors....pretty shapes and I can see such lovely etching on them. I like them all. Have a great week. Hugs, Linda

Tracie said...

I love it~ the old mirrors. Small baths can be so enchanting - that's just the way old houses are... and antique medicine mirrors - if they could speak? I love what you've done and enjoy your sharing. One of these days we have to meet and go antiquing (hopefully - no fighting for finds, friends, right?).
Great post.

Lee W. said...

It's looks gorgeous- what a great idea!! I think I need to start buying mirrors too- my dining room is to dark. TFS!

Vintage Hunter said...

Fabulous collection of mirrors!