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Friday, June 6, 2008

Sleeping In, I Don't Think So!

This week at work was really busy. I've been working
on the website for work and revamping the Welcome packages, ordered
T-shirts for the kids. A very long week, but a lot of fun too.

morning I decided to sleep in, at 7am I woke up, sat up, and remembered
there was an estate sale down the street. Was going, was not going, was
going, was not going! Then at 8 I decided to go. Well I should have
gone at 6:30am. Not 8:30. It started at 8, they were giving everything
away. All the furniture was sold but I still managed to pick up a few
items. Really neat hats and beaded bags, and a bamboo bird cage.

I fell in love with a shawl, but when I pulled it out of the box, it screamed at me " WINDOW TREATMENT ! " So a window treatment it has become.

Tomorrow there must be a hundred advertised yard sales within a 20 mile radius. Where will I be, I will be at the West Chester Annual Flea Market selling my finds. Dumbo me.
broke my no selling rules, only buying on Saturdays. But the really cool
is Connie
be with me. So we will just have to call it an
early day and sale on the way home. That is, if we sell enough to make
room in the cars for more.


Linda said...

Neat finds this morning. The shawl looks great as a window treatment and I love all the hats ...especially the one with the cute feather. Success selling and buying tomorrow. Hugs, Linda

Lee W. said...

really great finds! Love the bird cage.

Michelle said...

What a great idea for using the shawl!! I may have to borrow that, when I find a shawl! :)

Thanks for stopping by..