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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Time And Money

I want to apologize to all my blogging buddies out there. I have not
read any of your posts as of yet. I have been trying to get this
hallway completed. And working 10 and 12 hour days at the job that
really pays has been hard. So to make up for it , I thought I would
share what I paid. I never do this because I re-sell. But, I wanted to
show you that real rooms take time to design . Yes, you can hire a
interior decorator and have instant room decor. Or you can build upon
the things you love, and take the time to design it. Anyone can design a room. Oh, you laugh, do you? No, it is true. Decorate with the things you love. It is ok
to mix and match time periods and styles. The trick is to stay in the
same color and than go wild. Pick your classic items that never go out
of style, add a whimsy piece, then add a modern ,and so on. You are the
one that lives in the room. So decorate with the things that make you
happy. Also, if you change your mind later, that's ok too. Because change is good for the soul
. It means you are growing and maturing. So what you liked in your 20's
you are not going to like in your 40's. Just do not get stuck in "THE
LOOK"!!! Change is good. Also, the number one thing to remember!!! If you do not use an item, no matter what it is. Why do you have it??? Material things are meant to be used. Saving something for some reason, is not a reason at all. And the some day theory, threw it away. Someday never comes! The other thing try it. If it doesn't work, try something else. The decorating police are not going to be called. If someone points out a flaw, take it as a good thought or take it as YOU NEED A LIFE!!!

Sideboy $ 20.(needed some repairs)
Table chandelier $ 15
Candle sticks $ 30
Mirror over sideboy $ 15
Rug $ 3
Mirror in hallway $5 ( needed to be glued back together)
Picture free
Door sold all my broken gold necklaces and earrings ( 20 year collection)
Stairs ripped up old carpet, painted, stenciled $ 20.
Paint for hallway $ 25.
Chandalier in brass $ 3.

It does not cost a lot to do a room. It just takes time. And let's face it, why are we always in a hurry anyway????


Linda said...

Hi Dona...everthing looks wonderful. I like your words of wisdom. I'm guilty of the someday theory, but getting better. Take care....hugs, Linda

Sand Flat Farm said...

THanks for sharing with all of us. You did a great job! I like your attitude about letting things go - I'm trying to get to that point, but I think time itself is teaching me not to hang on to 'stuff' I don't need. I'm getting overwhelmed with projects that I'll do "someday". WHat I'd really like to do is empty my house (not the farmhouse) out into the front yard and have a bonfire and then start over. I'd sure do things differently! I think I did things RIGHT at the farmhouse. Everything is secondhand - there's alot of good junk & even treasures out there if you're patient and keep looking!
Wish I'd known that when I got married.... Vickie