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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Triplets and Threes

OK when things go bad they come in threes. That's the old saying, right??
Not around here! When things go bad they come in threes here too. But, every three has three of it's own.

The husband left this morning for a business
trip. Right after he left and I had gone to work, The dog (just came
back from the TRAINERS on Sat.), pooped on my rug, ate a handmade
vintage pillow, and destroyed a vintage throw. The peach tree outside (
my husband's pride and joy) split in two, and the brand new central air
is blowing heat. My house is hotter than outside right now ( 100 ). Than the
neighbor down the street ( 70's yrs) calls and asks if hubby can come down
and relocate a ground hog he caught to a new home?

My daughter went to get the ground hog, I am waiting for air conditioning man, and hubby is having dinner in a 5 star hotel in Atlanta!!!

what are friends for? My best friend Connie gave me this wonderful
vintage rug. ( Will not tell you how she got it, that's her story to
tell). But it steamed cleaned up nicely. So there is always a silver
lining! And I'm ording pizza for dinner!!!!

PS We are under a Tornado watch! What do you think my chances are??????


Magnolia Street Style said...

Now Dona you know that things can ALWAYS get worse. But even if they do, you have a beautiful rug in your library. Isn't that great. I'm so glad it works in your house, because it wasn't staying at the estate sale. My rug is still out there somewhere. Keep your eyes open of Friday for me.

Weather Update- Good news, we are downgraded to a severe thunderstorm watch.

Linda said...

Love the rug and yay for pizza. Hugs, Linda

Jeanette said...

You poor thing, I hate it when things go that way.

Hope you make it through the tornado watch without it becoming a tornado warning, sighting, or strike. (I live in Utah so forgive me if I am not up on the tornado lingo LOL)

On the central air, check and see if your tubes are frozen. This happens to us every single dang spring. Check and see if the tubes have frost on them, if so, check the furnace that your central air runs through and see if the air shaft thingy is clogged with dust.

Lee W. said...

oh, sorry things got destroyed. Hopefully the next set of three will be good- play the lottery!!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...


That rug is so awesome! I'm glad it steam cleaned nicely :) Hope you have air instead of heat now!