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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Company Sales

Got ya didn't I? You thought this was going to be about selling and profits? Not today.
Connie and I headed out at the usual
time this morning. There have not been any good sales lately, being
July after all. Most people are on summer vacation. But today there
were a few., and we hit them all.I bought today for me.I
found a box full of bric a brack, trim, glue sticks, artists paintbrushes and so on. Also found a wonderful brass candelabra
(heavy as all get out),a little brass table, and a wonderful lot of
pen& pencil drawings from one of our local artists in the area.
Dennis Minch . He is from and lives in the Kennett area, I have met him
several times and he has given me some beautiful art work. So you just
know I was pleased to have found these drawings, all of the West
Chester and Kennett PA area,all signed and dated in the 1960's.

Now onto the Company, they will be
here at 3pm for a cookout. So, I have to get back to cleaning the
bathrooms. Have a great weekend! Dona


Jeanette said...

Great finds! I hope you had fun at your cookout.

Lee W. said...

oh darn! I would've bought that great box of trims from you!!